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Default Reality Check: guns (lmg) and Gunner (mg)

It seems odd to me that there is no default between Guns (LMG) and Gunner (MG).

Here is an example to elucidate:

It's 1970 in Vietnam; and our hero - Corporal Magnus Magnuson [DX 10] - is protecting a famous table tennis player [DX 14] during a demonstration match.
They are attacked by 20 NVA soldiers, all with AK47's.
Magnus fires his M60 at the attackers (and with skill 18 in Guns (LMG) he hits quite a few). Magnus gets the table tennis player into a bunker where he conveniently finds an M60 compatible tripod set up facing the right way, with good sandbag cover. Happy, he sets up his M60 on the tripod. His effective skill [Guns (LMG) 18, +1 for ROF] of 19 now drops to 7, as the skill required changes from Guns [LMG] to Gunner [MG] ; with no default to the guns skill it results in DX-4, HT134.
He does however get +1 to hit for the tripod, bringing his effective skill to 8.
The table tennis player, who has never seen a real gun before - shoves Magnus aside and fires the M60 [with a default of DX-4 = 10, +1 braced, +1 ROF =12 to hit].

Now the sportsman is a better shot than our commando hero?!
Perhaps Magnus deserves a default of Guns -4?
A fine blend of hillbilly and permaculturist.

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gunner, guns

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