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Old 04-12-2021, 04:33 PM   #21
Black Leviathan
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Default Re: Like we did in practice: Rehearsing bonuses for skills

That's a good question. I'd say it depends on a roll-by-roll basis and it depends on the sort of practice.

Lets say you know you're going to have to break into a database inside of a bank with limited time. You might get a familiarity bonus on your hacking roll if you've studied the type of software used. But if you know the software you could pre-write your attack code and I'd give you the +3 bonus on your roll for working without pressure if you wrote in in the days before the heist.

Lets say there's a 9'x9' landing pad in the freight area of the military base you're attacking and you know the same design was used on a base that was overrun not far from where you're staging the assault, you can practice on that tiny landing pad in the destroyed base and even automate your ship's descent if it's high tech enough, +3 bonus on the piloting roll.

Lets say your knowlege is abstract but you know there's a 12 foot wall around the compound and you decide you're going to practice vaulting that wall with maybe a few options like a trash-can or some other objects to assist you. You can't know what the terrain inside the walls is like but I'll give you a +1 familiarity bonus when you get to the actual wall because you prepared, and perhaps let you test tools that make the effort easier.

Lets say you know the enemy castle has guard dogs that patrol the inner bailey. You're going to practice befriending dogs quickly so when you drop in you can calm them before they raise an alarm. You don't get anything and chances are this approach will fail without an amazing roll. Dogs outside of that castle aren't going to react like the ones inside will. You're not sure how they were trained or even if they speak your language, too many assumptions to be fruitful.

Small bonuses, practicing scenarios that are based on known quantities with small variables. Or very big bonuses for attempts that can be fully pre-loaded with complete understanding of the circumstances on the scene.
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Default Re: Like we did in practice: Rehearsing bonuses for skills

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
Quite a lot of historical industry worked with an accident once every two months, as well as having medical and security staff along with the workers. (You've seen pictures of the "It's been X days since our last accident" boards.)
True, but working mages are more likely to cast 1 spell ever 1-2 hours, depending on FP costs. That might mean an accident every few days. Multiply that risk by however many mages are on the assembly line and things get out of hand fast.

At some point, just as in real life, management or government decides that the economic or human(oid) cost of industrial accidents is just too high steps in to improve things.

In magical terms, that means things like strategically placed No Mana Zone barriers, depleted necronium alloy tool guards and safety shields, protective clothing with the Fortify and Resist Magic enchantments on it, and various enchantments built into the workplace itself (e.g., spells that boost DX or ST to prevent slips or strains, or spells that outright alter probability like Bless).
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