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Old 04-12-2021, 07:30 PM   #11
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Default Re: New Modifiers on Independent Body parts

after some digging I have arrived at a few more:

Voluntary +50% (taken from Powers: the Weird)
You can simply grab your body parts and pull them off your body, or otherwise separate them from your body at will without causing yourself any injury. Detaching a body part counts as a free action and requires no rolls to do so, like dropping an object. Treat this like a limited form of Duplication with shared resources and no sympathetic injury, only limited by the body parts themselves which follow the normal rules for their statistics. You can modify this modifier with takes extra time or requires a DX roll if you want to reduce its cost.

Body Part Sense +10%
You always know where your body parts are, you can “feel” their location when they are detached from you and do not need to make any sense rolls or search for them should they become lost or separated. This doesn't mean you will necessarily be able to retrieve them once you reach them, but it does mean you will know where they can be found.

Comes when called +10% (mutually exclusive with reattachment only)
You can “Call” your independent body parts, which will allow them to know exactly where your main body is and make an effort to return to it. This does not require an audible command but does require a Concentrate maneuver. You may call just one body part at a time or call them all at once if you want to. You need to stay put for however long it takes them to return and obstacles or capture can still prevent them from getting back.

Modular reattachment +10% (mutually exclusive with no-reattachment)
You may reattach or even simply attach your independent body parts to different places on your anatomy than where they normally belong; treat this as a limited form of shape-shifting with a finite amount of material to work with. For example you could attach one arm to the wrist of another to create an arm of double length, with the other hand simply sticking out of the shoulder. You still need to have your limbs severed first and the re-attachment possess takes just as long as it normally would. This trait is best when coupled with Voluntary and Instant Reattachment.

Sympathetic Pain -10%
You feel the pain of your independent body part’s injuries as if they were still attached. Apply the DX penalty from the shock of the injury to yourself as well as all other unaffected body parts. Similarly afflictions that cause levels of Pain or Agony will affect your entire body even if only one of your body parts is affected.

No shared Senses -10%
Body parts with no eyes are blind, deaf if they have no ears etc. This forces them to rely on tactile senses alone. If you have blind fighting your body parts may use this skill as well.

Shared Death -10%
Your limbs die when you die, and will not fight on once your center of consciousness is dead. However unless you have shared subdual than your body parts will continue to act on their own if you are merely unconscious

Sympathetic Suffering -10%
If you become stunned or afflicted by any irritating or incapacitating condition your independent body parts feel the effects. This includes everything listed on B.428 from seizure to paralysis but not pain or agony (as those are covered under Sympathetic Pain). This is a one way effect from the main body to the body part, for example while a hand can’t vomit it will still take the same penalties the main body takes while suffering from Retching. Mortal conditions are not linked in this way (unless you have shared death). Conditions which cause unconsciousness are also not linked in this way unless you have shared subdual.

Shared Subdual -10%
If you lose consciousness then so do all of your independent body parts, but unless you have shared death they will still act on their own should you die.

No Autonomy -10%
Your body parts are alive, functional and usable but they do not move on their own, you have to control them as if they were still attached. This requires a concentrate maneuver to make your independent body parts take a maneuver of their own.

Voluntary Only -60% (Requires Voluntary)
Your body parts function as if they had “Re-attachment only” when severed normally, but function as independent body parts when you voluntarily remove them yourself.
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Old 04-13-2021, 04:52 PM   #12
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Default Re: New Modifiers on Independent Body parts

Or we could swap out body part sense and comes when called with this new advantage combing the following:

(Requires Independent Body Parts)
Mindlink (Own body parts, same as one person with Racial -20%) [4] and Telesend (Racial, Own body parts -20%, Vague (command to regroup only) -50% Send only -50%) [1]; Detect (own body parts, rare. Precise +100% no Die roll Required +100%) [15]

Body Part Sense (Accessibility: only for own body parts that are alive conscious -30%, Only while Independent Body parts are detached -10%, (any power Modifier to explain how it works, like Super, Magic, Telepathic etc) -10%) [10]
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