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Default Police Cruiser Challenge

Ok, so we had a Shiruken Challenge and decided that the base platform was pretty useless. Let's try with something that should be easy to find, the Police Cruiser.

To avoid any copyright issues and preventing too much flexibility let us assume that you are a hobby duellist and have acquired a second hand Cruiser. You don't have the skill, equipment or to conduct anything beyond a medium difficulty. You are using a cruiser as a base, you are not required to build a cruiser. You can target your vehicle at any market - commuter, divisional duellist, escort, pimp-mobile, you name it.

You may Install: any weapon (other than laser, rocket or missile), link.
You may remove any component.
You can freely change: Armor (incl. hubs, guards and CA), Ammunition, Tires, Magazines.

By the rules, any other component must either remain in it's original location and configuration or be removed (since there is no difficulty for repairing/installing items other than those specifically listed under the mechanics skill).

The total cost of the vehicle will be the normal sum of components cost (to avoid any complicated calculations regarding salvage value and extra retrofitting costs).


you MUST have Luxury Body, x-hvy. chassis, hvy. suspension, Sport
power plant.

You MAY leave on front spoiler, overdrive, superconductors, HD brakes, ABS and the 2 spc. turret.

You MAY install any weapons (except lasers, rockets and missiles), tires, armour and links.

A few years ago a pair of detainees successfully sued the Manatee County Police for false arrest. Arrested for violating local childcare ordinances they were subsequently released without charge when the police realised they had attended at the wrong address and that the couple in question were not even residents of Manatee County.

The couple in question also received record damages due to injuries received as a direct result of the cramped conditions of the police cruiser they had been detained in after their arrest. Later investigations led to the The Manatee County Police suing their vehicle suppliers for failing to adhere to minimum standards specified in their tender.

As a result under court order several thousand vehicles were recalled by the manufacturer and were dumped on the second hand market either by the manufacturer or via Police auctions. This allowed hobbyists to acquire a high spec luxury vehicle with a great deal of high end equipment for a bargain price. We review some of those Hobbyist creations that have been seen cruising your neighbourhoods.

Last edited by swordtart; 07-05-2020 at 04:19 AM. Reason: Fluff added in light of the ILLEGAL cruiser scandal ;)
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