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Default Maveriel, Mercurian of Judgement

I'm taking part in the #CharacterCreationChallenge, and today I created an In Nomine character and thought I'd share.

Maveriel is a newly fledged Mercurian of Judgement. As the lowest celestial choir, Mercurians are closest to humanity. Dominic, the Archangel of Judgement uses Mercurians' resonance for relationships to keep tabs on other members of the Host on Earth, ferret out members of the Horde on Earth, and generally try to promote Good Judgement in humans on Earth.

Dominic is Heaven's Internal Affairs division. This makes Maveriel just about as popular as you'd expect with his fellow celestials and opposing infernals. Nonetheless, Maveriel tries to be as polite as possible when carrying out this duties.

Maveriel has a Role as a bounty hunter. It provides him documentation to move through human law enforcement systems and mobility to pursue his duties. He's very much a social animal, leaning on his human servants for leads. Physical confrontations are handled by his attack dog, Spot. Spot is actually a celestial spirit bound in service to Maveriel. Spot handles the heavy lifting of combat.

Character sheet is on my blog:
I have a blog; come see what I've created:
-The 2022 Character Creation Challenge (#charactercreationchallenge):
-The 2021 Character Creation Challenge: (#charactercreationchallenge)
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