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Default Converting Old Modules

So, back in the day, Metagaming licensed the TFT system to Gamelords for a series of supplements. These would have been part of The Land Beyond the Mountains series, the first two of which were The Warrior-Lords of Darok and The Forest-Lords of Dihad. Sadly, that TFT line was discontinued. However, Gamelords did end up releasing the next two modules in the series, albeit in different forms.

These modules ended up being City of the Sacred Flame and Within The Tyrant's Demesne, which were converted to the Gamelords' AD&D-alike system and were made part of the Haven line supporting their Thieves' Guild products. Parts of the background text had to be extensively rewritten for Haven, and all the original names for people and places replaced.

I had picked up the Warrior-Lords and Forest-Lords books back in the day, but had absolutely no idea about the next two supplements until decades later, when I read about them on Angantyr's blog post here: Reconstructed Covers for "Soldier City: Shaylle" and "Intrigue in Plaize".

I have since acquired the Thieves Guild modules, and looking them over it looks like it wouldn't be that hard to convert them, just time consuming. So, I thought I would ask if anyone has done a checklist for the conversion that they would be willing to share. For instance:
  1. Change all references of "Zal' Akhen" to "Shaylle" -- pages 2, 4, 6-8, 12, etc.

Before I started doing this for myself, I figured I would ask if anyone else has already completed it.
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