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Sam Baughn
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Default Re: [Sorcery] Special Lightning Spell

Originally Posted by starslayer View Post
However even with that in mind- will this spell fail to deliver effect in >50% of situations; I would have to say 'not really', its going to have reduced effect in many situations, perhaps even over 80%, but it will reliably deliver 'I can do damage to the bad guys' more than 50% of the time, so 20% seems right.
Accessibility isn't priced based on how often you can manage to get it to work for you with effort. It's based on how often you would be able to use the ability if you had no control over when you had to use it. That's why something which only works 50% of the time only gets a -20% limitation; because you are assumed to take actions to get the best use out of your ability. For example, if your powers only work at night, you are probably going to try and avoid situations where you would need them during the day. That's already factored into the value of the accessibility limitation. If you are using accessibility as the model you should base it on the odds that the nearest person in front of you when you want to use the power is likely to be an acceptable target by sheer chance.
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