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Default How to make Telekinesis take targeting penalties (range, SM, etc.)?

Standard Telekinesis is essentially a disembodied pair of hands that can float around and manipulate things within ten yards of the user. That range, of course, can be modified, but that's not what I'm looking for.

I want the Telekinesis to start at the user and essentially be targeted at an object. So, if the psion is looking at a sword (SM -4) about 100 yards away (-10), the psion could grab it by rolling against their Telekinesis skill/attribute at a -14 penalty. Essentially, instead of the disembodied hands being able to move freely about their range, they have to be "thrown" by the psion. Then, I suppose, once locked on, the object could be moved around within range.

My thought was to add Melee Attack, C, -30%; then add Ranged, +40%; then add Increased Range, LOS, +40% for a neat total of +50% (or ~+25% for Multiplicative Modifiers). It's a bit weird, but it seems like it should work, and the Acc 3 could be enhanced or limited if need be.

However, I just want to make sure there isn't a better way to do this. Also, the Ranged enhancement is a bit weird in that its duration is 10 seconds unless the ability lists another duration. For Telekinesis, what would that be? Instantaneous since it's just being used to target? Permanent (ongoing) until Telekinesis lets go? Is it now limited to 10 seconds?

As always, thanks!
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enhancement, increased range, limitation, melee, range, targeting, telekinesis

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