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Default [Basic] Limitation for Mind Control

Hi guys

Could you please help me to put a cost on a mind control limitation.

It's for a Warhammer 40'000 game, where I try to model some Librarian (Psyker) Powers. I use the power modifier from DF:14 for my Psykers.

The ability I am trying to create is called

"Shackle Soul" (And is stolen right out of FFGs Deathwatch RPG, p. 196)

Reaching into the soul of his foe, the Librarian binds it in powerful bands of psychic energy. This power affects a single creature chosen by the Librarian. The Blood Angel may choose to prevent those affected by the power from doing one of the following things on its next turn: moving, making a range attack, making a melee attack or using a Psychic Power. If this power is sustained then the Librarian must win an Opposed Willpower Test each turn to affect the target, though he may choose a different action to prohibit from Round to Round.

So this is:

Mind Control (PM: Psyker, -10%; Only to forbid one of: Move, Move & Attack, Attack, Ranged Attack, Concentrate (To use Psyker Ability), -20%; Sustained hinderance required another Quickcontest, -10%)

As you can see I've priced the limitations

Only to forbid one of: Move, Move & Attack, Attack, Ranged Attack, Concentrate (To use Psyker Ability)

at -20%


Sustained hinderance required another Quickcontest

at -10%

How would you write it up?
How would you price it?

Any and all tips are welcome



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