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Default Re: Would Magic Resistence With Area Effect Protect Me From All Magic?

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
If as-statted "Limited, Psi" and "Limited, Magic" affect psionically and magically energy or matter, excluding magically created energy/matter which can successfully cross a No-Mana Zone from your DR might be a step further down in rarity providing a higher value limitation?
If I understand what you're saying... Yes?

That is if you're aiming at say, DR/MR (Only Magic/Psi Affected by No Mana/Psi Zones)? Then yes, it would qualify for a further reduction. I'd probably go to -30%? You're really only excluding Missile Spells (and in my games stuff like TK Bullet*) which regular DR/armor would handily cover, on the other hand those seem (to me anyway) to be the most often used damaging attacks.

* I Haven't gone through Psi Powers in a few years, I'd have to before really giving a blanket percentage.
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