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Default should Aura require a Free Action every 10 seconds to keep active?

B105 mentions taking Extended Duration on Aura, so this could be a pretty good explanation as to why.

B102 initially didn't talk about time (just "You can switch the aura on or off at the start of your turn") but P154 later clarified like Mind Shield it's a free action to put on or off.

If it did expire every 10 seconds then that would mean in a situation where you can't even take a free action (like being stunned) that you couldn't re-activate your aura if it happened to expire during that time.

Otherwise I think the only way to do stuff like involuntary deactivation would be to take stuff like "requires attribute roll" or "costs fatigue" (renewed every 60 seconds) or "while conscious" (getting knocked out lowers the aura)

I guess the strongest implication that this would not be the case would be that you can take "Always On" on Aura, and even though AO doesn't specify this (only "can normally be switched off" and "it is inconvenient if you canít turn it off") I think the implication is that they can operate indefinitely?
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aura, extended duration, once on stays on, while conscious

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