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Old 04-14-2024, 08:31 PM   #11
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Default Re: Ogre Vertical Launch Systems

I think I'll jump in here and just add to the confusion. You're welcome.

I agree with Mack_JB: fiddly. It adds extra complexity and stuff that has to be remembered solely for this one weapon instead of using established game mechanics in creative ways. I'll throw out two counter-proposals. I'm not saying these are the greatest (though I do like the second one). Jut illustrating what I mean by 'old-stuff-in-new-ways'.

1) Building off pzmcgwire's original idea: consider a dual missile cell. D4 (vs. D3) that holds two 6/5 MSLs, both of which are destroyed on an X/XX result. Decreases the armor/missile average, but ups the threshold to get 1:1 attacks. So, more all-or-nothing defense.

2) Invert the relationship between an exposed Missile Rack with its inviolate internal missiles. Expose the missiles (each missile is individually covered by a thin D1 hatch), while the fire-control (which determines how many can be fired each turn), is buried in the deep hull. In my alter-Ogreverse I call this the Hong Jian system -- it's the Chinese Hegemony's Missile Rack counterpart. So two Hong Jians might have 20 6/5 missiles (2HJ+20), in VLS boxes, but only 2 can be fired each turn. The other 18 missiles remain exposed and vulnerable (D1 each) until destroyed or expended.
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Old 04-18-2024, 08:44 AM   #12
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Default Re: Ogre Vertical Launch Systems

Thanks. I didn't see your earlier proposals when I first posted. Good stuff especially the missile rack inversion idea. My original was to try and balance a stronger capability with some vulnerability, but is probably too fiddly.

Being able to configure a missile cell as either defensive or offensive is an interesting option and parallels contemporary VLS usage and would make general combat with Ogres less deterministic.

In canon, it's been established that Ogre and cruise missiles can be shot down with greater probabilities occcuring when the launch distance is high.

Expanding the concept a bit more, an offensive 6/5 Ogre missile can be exchanged for 4 point defense missiles, each of which can stop an enemy's fired Ogre missile against a targeted Ogre on a Dr roll depending on range (5 or less for a range of 5, 4 or less for range of 4, etc.).

Maybe the PD missiles, the term is used loosely as it could represent a cluster of munitions fitting into 1/4 of an Ogre missiles space, could also similarly negate other unit's attacks. Howitzer attacks can attempt to be negated at ranges of 6 to 8 with DR from 1 to 3, essentially applying a Range - 5 drm to determine PD success chance.

Unbalancing possibly in straight destroy objective scenarios (e.g. Destroy the CP), but may make skirmish fights more interesting than the deterministic range jockeying that currently takes place.
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