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Default Ogre Vertical Launch Systems

The original Ogre was written at a time before vertical launch systems (VLS) for missiles.

The chief benefits of a VLS are protection for the missiles under armor and the ability to launch many missiles at once.

If we designed a VLS missile system that was balanced for Ogre, how would they work?

In a Sea Ogre variant, a vertical launch system was modeled as a single D4 unit (same defense as a missile rack) that could launch all its internal missiles at once. I think that's a bit too vulnerable as a single D4 target and maybe a bit too powerful to be able to launch all its missiles at once, but that's what VLS's can do. Any less and you might as well treat it as multiple missile racks.

Ogre MK III and MK V external missiles already can all be fired at once but don't have the protection of armor.

Vertical Launch System
Vertical Launch System (VLS) allow all internal missiles to be fired at once.

A VLS can be targeted separately by individual units as if they were firing at treads (i.e. no combined attacks against the VLS, all attacks are individually at 1-1). On an X or XX result, a number of internal missiles are destroyed equal to half the attack factor of the attacking unit (rounded down).

Optional: if that doesn't make the VLS vulnerable enough.

For each attack on an Ogre weapon system (Not attacks against treads), each attacking unit individually rolls a 1-2 attack against the VLS and an X result destroys a number of internal missiles equal to half the attack factor of the attacking unit (rounded down).

Ogres would either have missile racks or VLS systems. Maybe a further balancing would be to reduce the number of internal missiles when a VLS is installed.

Thoughts? Too powerful, too vulnerable?

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