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Default Maps - Traveller Geomorphs

Now with more VTT
For anyone looking for Moderish and Sci-Fi maps, particularly but not just for Traveller, Robert Pearce released Traveller Geomorphs a couple years ago on his blog. This was an amazing book with hundreds of map tiles which could be combined in various ways to create buildings and starships. About a month ago he released v2.0 of the book, along with a "Symbols" book which contained over a thousand map pieces which could be combined

It had one fatal flaw, it was only available in PDF. And because of the way he had rendered it it wasn't easily convertible to another format; I mean, like any PDF there were ways of converting the PDF pages to images, but it takes a lot of effort to do that, and v2.0 of the PDF only has a square grid (the earlier v1.1 had an optional Hex grid). Well, his release of v2.0 kicked me into gear and I did all the heavy conversion work, allowing other people to drop the tiles into an image editing suite and easily combine them into a map. And because I'm a GURPS player I redid all of the images to remove the Square grid and add a transparent background to all of the tiles, allowing users to underlay or overlay a Hex or Square grid to the maps as they desire. Since these are all standard PNG image files they can easily be used in VTT software.

Robert Pearce just announced my release on his blog, and I've set the project live on my website. In addition to the hundreds of map tiles I've also posted several sample maps I made with them, which can easily be grabbed and used as-is without needing to do any further conversion work on them.
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Default Re: Maps - Traveller Geomorphs

Thank you for putting in the work to do this conversion; I love those geomorphs!
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Default Re: Maps - Traveller Geomorphs

Great work!
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Default Re: Maps - Traveller Geomorphs

Thank you very much!
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