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Victor Maxus
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Default Re: Post Your Characters!

Probably the most boring character on this post. But she is the main protagonist of a story I have been tinkering on for years. I often GURPS's my characters, I think it is a good Mary Sue test. So, here she is.

Sarah Anna Weiss

Height: 1.63 meters Weight: 53 kilograms (5'4, 116 pounds)
Throughout the story, Sarah relates everything in metric

Age: 17, Hair: Blond, Eyes: Hazel (often mistaken for green), pale complexion

ST: 9 [-10] HP: 9 [0]
DX: 10 [0} Will: 12 [-5]
IQ: 13 [60] PER: 12 [-5]
HT: 11 [10] FP: 11 [0]

Basic Lift: 16
Speed: 5 [-5]
Move: 5 [0]

Attractive [4]
Eidetic Memory [5]
Comfortable Wealth [10]

Dabbler (Architecture+3, Engineering (Civil)+3) [1]
Common (Native) [0]
German (Accented) [4]

Berserk (15 or less) [-5]
Curious (15 or less) [-2]
Pacifism (Reluctant Killer) [-5]
Space Sickness [-10]
Truthfulness (15 or less) [-2]

Addicted to Strategic War Games [-1]
Avid Grape Juice Drinker [-1]
Trademark (Has her Rosary with her) [-1]
Trademark (wears light blue button shirt) [-1]
Trademark (often keeps her hair in a pony-tail) [-1]

Architecture-11 [0]
Artist (Drawing)-11 [1]
Astronomy-11 [1]
Current Affairs (Science and Technology)-13 [1]
Engineering (Civil)-10 [1]
Expert Skill (Military Science)-11 [1]
Games (Strategic War Computer Games)-13 [1]
History (World History)-11 [1]
Hobby Skill (Video Games)-10 [1]
Mathematics (Applied)-11 [1]
Musical Instrument (Keyboards)-12 [2]
Musical Instrument (Piano)-12 [2]
Physics-10 [1]
Research-12 [1]
Skating-10 [2]
Sports (Soccer)-10 [2]
Swimming-11 [1]
Writing-12 [1]

Sarah Weiss was born in Munich, Germany, sometime in the 24th century. A studious girl, she has a love for science and wants to one day be an architect designing buildings for the expanding colonies (an odd thing since she hates space travel due to her sickness). Her family is rather wealthy and she had an easy going life until she learned the secret her father uncovered; a lost, Alien weapon capable of causing a star to briefly flare up and essentially kill an entire star system. After her father's death and that of his friend, Sarah, who curiously looked into her father's notes, becomes the last person alive who knows its location and the rudimentary method to use it (she knows how to hit buttons and turn knobs in correct sequence to fire it at its own star, but that's enough for the bad guys to use her as a key for unlocking the alien language). Through the course of story she travels from planet to planet fleeing from a madman and trying to one way or another destroy the weapon.

Her high IQ reflects her high intellect, and she s rather willful and perceptive. She gets her HT from seven years of soccer at school, but no real foot speed. She has no combat abilities (the lowered basic speed) but has a love for the military both historically and practically. She has been self teaching her skills relating to being an architect and has been playing keyboard and piano for many years. Her berserk is often sparked in the story by a desire to protect those she cares about (she often fails to go nuts when it is just herself in trouble). She is bad at lying and she can feel the tingling sensation when travelling faster than the speed of light (in the story, most people feel it but get used to it, she can't). Her trademarks represent the fact that despite being chased across the galaxy, she does very little to disguise herself, giving any pursuer easy marks to recognize her by. And finally, her German language is based on the idea that the Common language has replaced all others, and none are taught in school as a normal part of the curriculum. However, they are offered as electives, and she has been taking German since she was eight.

Well, that's it, if I did my math right, she is a 60 point character. I guess I just want to show that heroes don't always have to be high points, powerful and epic. Sometimes simple people in desperate situations can be just as heroic. Not only in stories, but in GURPS as well. If a GM does it right, low point characters can be just as fun and exciting as high point ones.

But this is my offer this post, she is now ready to be destroyed by the critics.
I am not most people. If I were, there would be a lot more of me.

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El Ravager31
Join Date: Apr 2015
Location: Tennessee
Default Re: Post Your Characters!

This is a character that I had created for a Monster Hunters Campaign that was set right after the Civil War. The campaign never really took off, but I have since played him in a Horror/Western campaign.

Joshua "El Cazador" Romero -- 6'5" 225lbs Light Brown Hair and Blue Eyes (400 pts)

ST 15
DX 14
IQ 14
HT 14
(final stats w. Dhampir template & his Lens IQ bonus which are included in Lens and template costs) -- 130 points for base attributes

HP 17 (2 pt and the additional hp added from Dhampir template)
Per 15 (bonus from Dhampir template)
Will 14
FP 14

Combat Reflexes 15 pt
Luck 15 pt
Charisma Lvl 1 5pt
Off Hand Weapon Training 1pt
Dual Shooting (pistol) 5pt
Fearlessness 4pt
Wealth: Comfortable 10pt
Motivational Lens (IQ +1) Accidental Hero 20 pt
Rank Lvl 1 5pt
Patron 10pt
Legal Enforcement Powers 10 pt
Trademark Move 10pt (Combination of Broadsword swing/Neck and Broadsword thrust/Heart -3 to hit on each due to -5 called shots and +2 for bond & trademark bonuses)
Weapon Bond (katana) 1pt
Layered Armor Expertise (Vest and Jacket) 1pt
Special Gear (holy katana) 1pt
Special Gear (Silk Vest) 1pt
Dhampir Template 200 pt

Dhampir Advantages (Included in 200 point template cost)
Breath Holding 3
Discriminatory Smell (Emotion Sense)
High Pain Threshold
Resistant to Metabolic Hazards +8
Night Vision 9
Vampiric Bite
ST +4
DX +2
HT +2
HP +1
Per +1

Reputation -4 (Traitor to Vampires) -5pt
Enemy (Vampire Father powerful individual 9 or less) -20 points
Guilt Complex -5pt
Motivational Lens (Divine Curse: Monster Magnet) Accidental Hero -15pt
Overconfidence -5pt
Curious -5pt
Duty -20
Code of Honor -10 point
Trademark -5pt (carves HR at scene of monster killings in memory of his mother in hopes it gets back to his "father")

Broadminded -- Being a half vampire/half human makes him accepting of all races -1pt
Congenial -- Friendly and outgoing -1pt
Dislikes really tight spaces -1pt
Imaginative-- Thinks about "outside the box" solutions to potential problems -1pt
Likes to take time each morning to "talk" to his mother while holding her necklace -1pt

Gun (Pistol) 15 (2pt)
Crossbow 15 (2pt)
Fast Draw (Pistol) 15 (1pt & includes +1 for comb ref)
Fast Draw (Katana) 15 (1pt & includes +1 for comb ref)
Broadsword 16 (1pt & includes +1 for weapon bond)
Karate 14 (4pt)
Wrestling 14 (2pt)
Occultism 13 (1pt)
Hidden Lore Vampires 15 (4pt)
Hidden Lore Demons 13 (1pt)
Theology (Abrahamic) 12 (1pt)
Intimidation 13 (1pt)
Streetwise 13 (1pt)
Urban Survival 14 (1pt)
Woodland Survival 14 (1pt)
Stealth 14 (2pt)
Disguise 14 (2pt)
Interrogation 13 (1pt)
Lock Picking 13 (1pt)
Shadowing 13 (1pt)
Filch 13 (1pt)
Climbing 14 (1pt & includes +1 for good climbing gear)
Tracking 13 (1pt)
Traps 12 (1pt)
Area Know: California 14 (1pt)
Fast Talk 13 (1pt)
Swimming 14 (1pt)
Escape 12 (1pt)
First Aid 13 (1pt)
Animal Handling 13 (1pt)
Riding 13 (1pt)

Native Language: English
Additional Language: Spanish 4pt

Total Point cost 400 points


I am from San Francisco and my mother was a dance hall girl named Holly Romero who fell for a low down sidewinder. She became pregnant and was abandoned shortly thereafter. Along came a dark handsome stranger named Damion Arturo who promised to take care of the young woman. He was a wealthy charming man of means and my mother fell in love. Sometime near 7 months into her pregnancy, my father gave her his gift of "eternal life." Soon after I was born, he abandoned us without reason or warning. My mother tried as best as she could to raise me with the help of her best friend and fellow dance hall girl. Several years passed and when I was around 12, my father decided it was time to take care of his loose ends.

I guess my mother somehow sensed that he was returning and had her friend take me away to Carson City, Nevada. She thought the desert was as good a place as any to keep her son safe from what she had come to know as a monster. A few months passed and my mother's friend was sent word that it was safe to return. Upon returning to San Francisco, I was horrified to find that my mother had sent word on the eve that she planned to confront my father. It went terribly wrong as my mother was slaughtered by the very monster she had once had feelings for. She had planned it that way, I believe as I later found out the whole story.

She had invited him back stage at the dance hall and once he was in her dressing room, she attacked him. Well, a young vampire was no match for him and he killed her effortlessly. Unfortunately, the noise attracted several customers who were able to get a really good look at the killer. Damion Arturo knew that he was in trouble and had no intention of standing trial for murder, let alone taking a chance that the town would discover what he truly was. He fled, but has always kept an eye on me. Even now, as I work for Special Branch some 10 years later, I can feel his presence in the shadows, but I think he knows better than to confront me. I'm not sure if he wants to kill me or if he is just intent on trying to turn me into the monster he wanted me to be. One thing is certain though, I will find a way to kill him, partly because I will never become the monster he is, but mostly for the honor of my mother. After much research I believe the monster was from Spain. As such, I took the nickname that I hope will strike fear in the creature's heart as it means hunter. When next we meet, rest assured that I, Joshua "El Cazador" Romero, will personally send him to hell.
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El Ravager31
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Default Re: Post Your Characters!

Joshua Romero was my first 4E character after many years of playing 3rd edition. His patron and rank were originally in Special Branch, as were his duty and legal enforcement powers. Now, in the Western campaign, they are from him being a Marshal. I figured, I would explain why they were still part of the character.
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Donny Brook
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Default Re: Post Your Characters!

Qarl the Retiarius

TL: 2
Setting: Fictional gladiatorial arena-zone
Template: GURPS Gladiators
CP: 100

ST 12 [20]
HP 11 [-2]
DX 12 [40]
IQ 10
HT 12 [20]
FP 14 [6]

Basic Lift 28
Basis Speed 6.00
Basic Move 7 [5]
Damage: Thrust D-1, Swing D+2

Advantages & Perks

Primary Style Familiarity [1]
Combat Reflexes [15]

Fit [5]
Exotic Weapon Training (Trident) [1]
Striking ST+1 [5]
Grip Mastery (Spear) [1]


Duty (Extremely hazardous, 12-)[-15]
Social Stigma (Valuable property) [-10]
Status -2 [-10]

Delusions: he is destined to survive the arena and retire to his home [-5]
Ritualism: pagan tribal deities [-5]
Stuttering [-10]

Quirks [-5]

Skills and Techniques

Spear (Trident) 14 [8]
Brawling 12 [1]
Wrestling 12 [2]
Net [14] [12]
~Technique: Sweep (Net) 12 [3]
Knife 12 [1]
Net Art 11 [2]
Games (Gladiatorial) 10 [1]
Performance 10 [2]
Savoir Faire (Ludus) 10 [1]
Tracking 11 [4]
Spear Throwing 12 [1]
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Default Re: Post Your Characters!

This is a character for a not-yet-existing street-level Supers campaign of the "Supers, not heroes" variety. For this reason, I stuck with a generic "Power Modifier" that will be replaced with whatever is appropriate for the campaign, should it ever manifest (without me as the GM). It will (probably) be a Heroes (the TV series) style campaign, with a one power per character limit (plus required secondary powers).

Lucy Barton
150 points
Gender: female
Age: 19
Hair: blonde
Eyes: hazel

Attributes: [60]
ST: 10 [0]
DX: 12 [40]
IQ: 11 [20]
HT: 10 [0]
Will: 11
Basic Speed: 5.5
Basic Move: 5
Perception: 11
thr: 1d-2, sw: 1d
HP: 10
FP: 10

Advantages: [99]
Appearance (Attractive) [4]
Flight (Power Modifier, -10%) [36]
Damage Resistance 1 (Limited (Physical), -20%; Force Field, +20%; Accessibility: Only when flying, -30%; Power Modifier, -10%) [3]*
Enhanced Move 2.5 (Air: 66 / 238 kph) (Handling Bonus 2 (+2 Handling per level), +10%; Power Modifier, -10%) [50]
Temperature Tolerance 10 (Only when flying, -30%; Power Modifier, -10%) (-53C / +32C) [6]**

Disadvantages: [-50]
Claustrophobia (CR: 12) [-15]
Impulsiveness (CR: 12) [-10]
Pacifism: Cannot Harm Innocents [-10]
Skinny [-5]
Wealth (Struggling) [-10]

Quirks: [-4]
Dislikes Walking
Expression ("Happy thoughts!")

Skills: [45]
Acrobatics DX-1 - 11 [2]
Aerobatics DX+0 - 12 [4]
Area Knowledge IQ+2 - 13 [4]
Axe/Mace DX-2 - 10 [1]
Bicycling DX+2 - 14 [4]
Brawling DX+1 - 13 [2]
Camouflage IQ+0 - 11 [1]
Carousing HT+1 - 11 [2]
Computer Operation IQ+0 - 11 [1]
Driving (Automobile) DX-1 - 11 [1]
Fast-Talk IQ+0 - 11 [2]
First Aid IQ+0 - 11 [1]
Hobby Skill (Geocaching) IQ+0 - 11 [1]
Holdout IQ+0 - 11 [2]
Housekeeping IQ+0 - 11 [1]
Navigation (Air) IQ+5*** - 16 [4]
Pickpocket DX-2 - 10 [1]
Shortsword DX-1 - 11 [1]
Smuggling IQ+1 - 12 [4]
Stealth DX-1 - 11 [1]
Streetwise IQ+0 - 11 [2]
Swimming HT+0 - 10 [1]
Throwing DX-1 - 11 [1]
Urban Survival Per-1 - 10 [1]

GPS Receiver
Bicycle, road
Bicycle lock (heavy chain w/ padlock)
Helmet, bicycle
Cell Phone
Fanny pack / bum bag
Crowbar, 3'
Bluetooth headset
Cigarette Lighter

* Required Secondary Power: "Deflector shield" type force field; protects eyes, clothes and hairstyle against wind and speed; protects against collisions with flying insects (and perhaps very small birds).
** Required Secondary Power: Tolerate lower temperatures at higher altitudes and at high speeds
*** Includes +3 equipment bonus from GPS Receiver

Lucy's power is flight. She works as a bicycle messenger, occasionally ditching the bike when the traffic is too bad, or flying at ground level while sitting on the bike when she gets tired. For someone who loves flying as much as she does, claustrophobia is pretty much a given. Sitting still and waiting patiently isn't her thing, either.

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Donny Brook
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Default Re: Post Your Characters!

Tim the Provocator

TL: 2
Setting: Fictional gladiatorial arena-zone
Template: GURPS Gladiators
CP: 100

ST 12 [20]
HP 14 [4]

DX 13 [60]

IQ 10
PER 10

HT 12 [20]
FP 12


Thr: D-1
Sw: D+2


Advantages and Perks
Primary Style Familiarity [1]
Combat Reflexes [15]
Unusual training (Dual Weapon) [1]

Duty (Extremely hazardous, 12-)[-15]
Social Stigma (Valuable property) [-10]
Status -2 [-10]
Callous [-5]
OPH: Quietly chants prayers constantly [-10]
Slow Riser [-5]
Quirks [-5]

Short Sword 15 [8]
Brawling 14 [2]
Wrestling 12 [1]
Shield 15 [4]
Games (Gladiatorial) 10 [1]
Performance 11 [4]
Savoir Faire (Ludus) 10 [1]

Counter Attack (short swd) 13 [3]
Feint (short swd) 15 [2]
Dual Weapon Attack (Shield, Shortsword) 13 [3]
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Default Re: Post Your Characters!

Donny, a bit of information about Qarl's and Tim's backgrounds might help. Also, adding the number of dice to the damage could help, too.

CeeDub, I like Lucy. Might be a good idea to list the level of her Appearance, though; I gather it's Attractive, but that might not be so apparent at first.

Also, has she ever been stopped for speeding while "flying" on her bike through traffic in a 35mph zone? :)
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Default Re: Post Your Characters!

Originally Posted by tbrock1031 View Post
CeeDub, I like Lucy. Might be a good idea to list the level of her Appearance, though; I gather it's Attractive, but that might not be so apparent at first.

Originally Posted by tbrock1031 View Post
Also, has she ever been stopped for speeding while "flying" on her bike through traffic in a 35mph zone? :)
Well, she doesn't have to go full speed. Probably not a good idea, either, what with all the hard obstacles on ground level.
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Default Re: Post Your Characters!

This is a character for a not-yet-existing zombie apocalypse campaign. For a change, this one is completely mundane.

Jill Shepard
150 points
Gender: female
Age: 19
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue

Jill is a fitness nut who likes parkour. She is also a gun nut and a professional competition shooter. IPSC, IDPA, USPSA, you name it, she's in it. At least she was until dead people started eating living people. She is a little impatient and overconfident, thinking that pretty much any problem can be solved by the proper application of sufficient firepower.

Attributes: [90]
ST: 11 [10]
DX: 14 [80]
IQ: 10 [00]
HT: 10 [0]
Will: 10
Basic Speed: 6
Basic Move: 6
Perception: 10
thr: 1d-1, sw: 1d+1
HP: 11
FP: 10

Advantages: [39]
Appearance (Attractive) [4]
Ambidexterity [5]
Combat Reflexes [15]
Fit, Very [15]

Disadvantages: [-15]
Impulsiveness (CR: 15) [-5]
Overconfidence (CR: 12) [-5]
Pacifism: Reluctant Killer [-5]

Perks: [1]
Shtick (Retains cap, ballistic eyeshields, ear plugs) [1]

Quirks: [-4]
Congenial [-1]
Expression ("Boom, headshot!") [-1]
Likes Guns (Well, duh!) [-1]
Daily Ritual: Run 5k [-1]

Skills: [39]
Acrobatics DX+0 - 14 [4]
Area Knowledge IQ+0 - 10 [1]
Armoury (Small Arms) IQ+0 - 10 [2]
Axe/Mace DX-1 - 13 [1]
Bicycling DX+0 - 14 [1]
Brawling DX+0 - 14 [1]
Computer Operation IQ+0 - 10 [1]
Driving (Automobile) DX-1 - 13 [1]
Driving (Motorcycle) DX-1 - 13 [1]
Fast-Draw (Pistol) DX+2 - 16 [2]
Fast-Talk IQ+0 - 10 [2]
First Aid IQ+0 - 10 [1]
Guns (Pistol) DX+3 - 17 [8]
Guns (Rifle) DX+2 - 16 [2]
Guns (Shotgun) DX+2 - 16 [2]
Knife DX+0 - 14 [1]
Running HT+1 - 11 [4]
Stealth DX-1 - 13 [1]
Survival (Woodlands) Per-1 - 9 [1]
Swimming HT+0 - 10 [1]
Throwing DX-1 - 13 [1]

Auto Pistol, Colt M1911 A7 (.45)
Auto Pistol, Springfield Armory XD .45 4" Full Size
Auto Pistol, SIG Sauer P226 (9mm)
Auto Pistol, Springfield Armory XD 9mm 4" Full Size
Ballistic eyeshields
Baseball cap
Ear plugs
Fanny pack / bum bag
Gym bag full of ammo
Revolver, Taurus Raging Bull .444 (.44M)
Revolver, Ruger Redhawk (.357M)
Speedloader, Taurus Raging Bull .444
Stun Gun
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Default Re: Post Your Characters!

And a character in case I ever play in a modern settings with psionics. A combat vet who had no idea she was a psychic all along but after thinking back at her field performance, it makes so much sense in hindsight that she was an Esper. (edit: I forgot her skills)

Alison Shields (200 points)

Alison Shields was raised by her father, a retired USMC soldier after her mother died when she was 3 years old. Her old man was pretty nice, and only wanted the best for her, though he often made mistakes with regards to how to raise a daughter on his own. He had a history of telling her war stories, and from a young age she wanted nothing more than earn medals. She enlisted as soon as she was old enough, and as it so happened, the year she enlisted, Ranger school opened to women. She applied for it, and made it through the grueling training, ending as a demolition expert. She was deployed in a hot zone not long after. She was a rookie, but she was often very lucky with her shots (at least that's what she thought at the time) and ended up seeing plenty of young kids, many of whom only joined to pay for college tuition die while she survived which led her to develop nightmares and a morphine addiction (that started after she has been injured and she was treated with morphine for the pain, though her addiction stems from her guilt and how she feels it can be kept at bay that way), as well as a compulsive spending habit which left her with financial problems, and she donates a lot to charities for veterans to try to deal with her guilt for often being the sole survivor. One day, she took part in a special ops mission and encountered a biological weapon she recovered while the rest of her squad covered her. The incident led her to receive the medal of honor, but she said on live TV that the rest of her squad have been exactly as exemplary as her, if not more, and that she strongly believed she has received that award because of political play because the government was desperate to decorate a woman soldier with the highest honors. Many people resent her because they think (rightly) that she didn't deserve her awards and (wrongly) that she only admitted it to cover her ass, though many people either admire her for calling out political play (mostly frontline soldiers on that side) or just think she was being humble.

Then, one day, she was on leave and went to a concert. She ended up stopping a suicide bomber from blowing up a bomb and spreading nerve gas, since she saw the bomb right through his clothes. A few days later, she was contacted by a Task Force Psi representative, a special ops group specialized in psionic operations, who demonstrated to her that she was a very good Esper (he figured it out thanks to video footage from the concert, there was no way she could have seen that bomb unless she was an esper who could see through opaque materials), which was the reason she was so successful on the field. As it turned out, she had greater situational awareness than most people thanks to being able to see behind her back through extra sensorial perception, and was also able to see through obstructions (many of what she thoughts were lucky shots were due to her seeing an enemy arrive at a corner through a wall and lining up a shot before anyone who couldn't see through walls would have any chance to react). Now, she fights telepaths, telekinesists, and other psionic threats.


ST 12
DX 12
IQ 13
HT 12
HP 12
Will 13
Per 13
FP 12
Basic Speed 6
Basic Move 6


Very Fit
Combat Reflexes
Medal of Honor (positive component: respected war hero/put politicians in their place: large group of people) Reputation +2
Danger Sense (psi)
360 vision (psi)
Penetrating Vision 5 (psi)

Medal of Honor (negative component: only received her awards because of special treatment: large group of people) Reputation -2.
Guilt Complex.
Wealth: Struggling.
Nightmares (about her fellow soldiers dying)
Severe insomnia (it is hard for her to sleep through the nightmares)
Compulsive Spending (AKA Retail Therapy) (Self Control 6)
Compulsive Generosity (war vets) (Self Control 6)
Morphine Addiction
Struggling wealth (hard to stay afloat when you're a compulsive spender and a drug addict)
Light sleeper
Sense of duty (fellow soldiers AND civilians)
Easy to read
Likes high tech gear
Dislikes political moves
Alcohol Intolerance
Horrible hangovers
Still dreams of earning a medal on her own merits and not due to special treatment brought by political maneuvering.


Knife 12
Guns 15
Explosives (Demolition) 14
Soldier 13
Tactics 13
Hiking 12
Swimming 12
Traps 13
Driving (Half Tracked) 12
Karate 12
First Aid 12

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character building, character generation, chargen

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