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Default Re: More HTH Questions: Fencers

Good question.

Perhaps the reason is that the advantages to the main gauche depend on its specific defensive features. The fencer is trained to use those features and they're inapplicable to daggers without them

Clearly, however, if I knew anything about those features, I'd use the proper terminology to describe them. So, this is just a wild guess at a justification.
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Default Re: More HTH Questions: Fencers

Originally Posted by Shostak View Post
Okay, so we appear to agree that, offensively speaking, parrying (main-gauche) and standard daggers are essentially the same. If they are, why then should a Fencer not get the offensive bonus with a standard dagger (not in HTH!)?
As above, if you're asking about RAW, it's because the Fencer talent does not include daggers.

And if a GM wants to say that in some or all fencing schools in his campaign, Fencer does include dagger, the GM could re-define what the categories for expert-level training are, but if you read the Weapon Expert description, you'll see that Legacy defines expertise for daggers as being its own expert talent (which does include HTH), not included in Sword Expertise nor in Fencer.

From a "what does this represent that makes sense?" perspective, Fencer talent seems to represent focused high-level training with specific weapons, and a regular dagger in the right hand just isn't one of them.
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adjudicating, exceptions, rulings, special situations, talents

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