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Default Re: New Spell?

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
FLAY (T): In this monstrous spell, the caster waves his hand at the subject, instantly ripping all the skin from his body in a single motion. The target receives a saving throw on 3d vs. the greater of ST or IQ. On a failure, the subject immediately takes 3d6 points of damage per hex of his size (i.e., a 3-hex giant would take 9d6 damage), plus 1d6 points of damage per minute. If the subject survives the initial shock, he is incapacitated unless somehow immune from pain. Cost: 6.
Am I wrong to love this so?
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Default Re: New Spell?

The cover illustration of Adventures 1 appears to be a re-imagining of that same picture from 2nd edition cover illustration from Metagaming's Wizard.

I don't think that scene appears in Adventures 1 either. :(

It certainly is an evocative image. Perhaps it may be a stylized rendition of the control person spell.
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