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Default Re: Mega hex tiles

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
... And there is something more in not only viewing it, but having a tactical game going on where your movement choices are vital to your fate, affecting outcomes in logical ways players can see on the table. Most players who haven't played TFT or GURPS haven't experienced that, and to me, that's the best thing about TFT, and why I haven't ever felt satisfied playing non-SJ RPGs (other designers' games don't have mapped tactical combat systems that feel right - combat in them is much more determined by what level you are, what spell you can cast or during-combat healing effect you can do, what magic items you have, and/or how enormous your pile of slowly-eroding hitpoints is).
I don't disagree with that. When we were playing I didn't have the entire labyrinth laid out (that's just plain silly). I think it originally started with someone asking if since we have explored the area and have it mapped could I just leave it up ( I suppose they thought it would be for convince sake).
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Default Re: Mega hex tiles

I usually place and remove tiles roughly in line with what is visible to the players, but sometimes I'll leave something up if it seems likely they will go back through a certain area.

Another thing I like the tiles for is designing dungeons. Making maps on hex paper is sufficiently counter-intuitive that I'll often lay out a section and then once I have it the way I like it I'll draw it.
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hexes, legacy edition, tft

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