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Default Re: GURPS Fantasy , shared world, recruiting

Originally Posted by Agramer View Post
Sure,but we do have a "problem" with nobody volunteering to do central provinces/Empire now.

All of us with suggestions are currently making some Fringe Nations.

If we "open" whole globe well get even more fringes/exotic lands but will still lack Central Area.
This perhaps could be interpreted as a feature. If you have a strong Central Area then you (might) have one land that really sets the dominant language, culture, tech, and expectations for a huge area.

This is realistic and believable; it's also constraining. What we could perhaps do is define the characteristics of the central kingdom that formed the core of the empire. Each of these "fringe nations" was probably part of the empire at some time past. The "shattering" was not likely all at once (though it could have been) given travel times and the speed of information. But what's left now is probably a weak central nation with delusions of grandeur tied to the traditions of the past, but with little sway.

In fact, one thing that would be interesting is for the "Central" empire to have dissolved completely...perhaps the emperor died, but governance was not done by land/provinces, but by cities. So each city Mayor found themselves with probably enough power to control their local area, but depending on law and culture, little else. So the Empire DID go all the way out in a short time, and what's left isn't a set of nation-states, but city-states. Each one under the control of its Mayor, which becomes the highest rank of that region. It also allows each city-state to be a site of independent development, different character, style, and a free hand for potential designers.

Just a thought. "Nations" might really ONLY exist anymore on the fringe.
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