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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week: Medium

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
Allies helping you is pretty much standard I think.
I agree, it was more the way they help (and how much they can't) that I was commenting on.

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
The problem I guess is you can't exactly come to the aid of someone you can't perceive, so it might make sense to obligate someone to take the Minion enhancement so they're not docked CP for not rescuing the invisible ally they don't know about.
If the ally is limited in ways that also makes it not really ever need help, that might balance out. Reminds me of the fairy Ally in Ocarina of Time that Kokiri have where you never have to worry about it getting eaten but it also can't do most (if any) physical actions.

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
You don't need to communicate with a vehicle if you take that as an ally.
To be fair, the vehicle isn't capable of communication, or thought. While I do think it makes sense to build as an Ally, I don't think it is the same thing.

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
To reflect "player knows PC doesn't" situations
I feel like the Secret modifier from Patron could just be slapped on without issue here. The delusion is a good choice generally speaking.
Originally Posted by cosmicfish View Post
While I do not think that GURPS is perfect I do think that it is more balanced than what I am likely to create by GM fiat.
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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week: Medium

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
Probably works best if you've also bought spirits as allies.
Spirit Allies can be very useful. We've had a couple in the occult WWII campaign: our first Medium had a relative who died in WWI and stuck around, and the second is an ex-PC who died at Stalingrad.

They aren't cheap, because they have fairly high point totals for Invisibility, Insubstantiality, and so on, but those traits make them awesome at spying and scouting. It's important for them not to get careless about wandering around in the open, since they'll eventually run into someone who can see them, and then they're a dead giveaway.
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advantage of the week, medium, path/book magic, spirits

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