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Default Self-Buff Sorcery; Two-Handed Sword and Weapon Fencer; Weapon Default as Technique

Hello all, I have 3 questions and would appreciate any help.

First is from the Sorcerer: How does one make a Sorcery spell that only affects the caster but has non-indefinite duration?
TLDR: How does one model Partial Shapeshift (caster only)?
Long story: The character in question is trying to be the "Dragon Priest" class from another game. This class schtick is essentially a progressive, switchable shapeshift into a dragon. For example, a Dragon Priest can grow sharp claws, hard scale and even wings. The mechanical problem is that, for example, Flight (Winged, Sorcery) would cost 1FP per minute to maintain thus impractical to cover long distances and afflictions can affect others.
In my opinion he should use a tweaked version of Chinese Elemental Powers instead and he mostly agrees but the Swordman of the group became interested in it too and now wants a conjurable sword like Skyrim (which I found PK post about but again it's indefinite duration and the player doesn't want that).
Edit: The complaint about Chinese Elemental Powers is the cost. For example, Katana of Pure Magic would cost about [9] and the Swordsman says he could with just two more points he could either buy a balanced fine katana as Signature Gear or explosively increase his Wealth.
Edit 2: I probably shouldn't add this question here but anyway. If someone with with 3 spells, one costing [20] and the other two being [1] cantrips, wanted to used the two perk level spells at the same time, would he still have to buy the [20] spell at full cost? Should I allow him to buy the cantrips as an advantage instead of spells (like Chinese Elemental Powers)?

Second is from the Swordsman: Is it legal to use Weapon Fencer perk from Pyramid 89 with a two handed sword?
TLDR: Two-handed weapons halves penalty for multiple parries, fencing weapons does the same. Does it stack?
Long story: The Swordsman is actually a Samurai and because of this and the 80%-20% starting money split, he had to make a fairly heavy investment into social advantages like Wealth and Status to reflect his character's background and afford his armor. This made him feel too feeble compared to some other characters (he doesn't have Weapon Master, for one) and while trying to reduce the gap between him and the others he came up to me with the idea of using a Nodachi (Thrusting Greatsword) with Weapon Fencer to enjoy multiple parries. I consider it to be a tweaked version of "Extra Option (Chambara Retreat)" and have no qualms with it but I wonder if it's actually legal.

The third and final question is from me: What breaks if I change weapon defalts into hard techniques?
Long story: I've noticed the Swordsman's character have Two-Handed Sword DX+5 [20] and Broadsword DX+2 [1] thanks to default. Now, the problem with this situation is well known (it's wasteful to improve default instread of main skill) but my google-fu failed to dig out a definitive answer, they've all been vague like: "might work" and "will try". Does anybody have a solution to this conundrum?

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pyramid 3/89, sorcery, technique

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