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Default Re: Ideas for Yrth

This was posted on another thread by Alexander Howl. It has great merit even if it doesn't fit what I was doing.


Honestly, it is a bit of a stretch, especially considering that the area is already inhabited. I think that a better idea would be to have a microcontinent around the size of Madagascar that would appear around 250 miles off the eastern coast of Megalos after a massive Banestorm at the beginning of 2020. The microcontinent would cover 500,000 square miles, 250,000 square miles of land, and 250,000 square miles of water, making a rough diamond 500 miles north-to-south and 1,000 miles east-to-west.

The advantage of such a large location is that it would allow for a series of adventures, both on the surface and under the water. Imagine the conflicts that would occur between the native hawkmen (which would only be the westernmost species of beastfolk) and the younger sons of Megalos nobility who were trying to steal their land. You could have a wide diversity of confused beastfolk who would be horrified when they encountered humans, as humans would seem to be sort of abominations that had their animal half removed by magic.

Of course, the beastfolk would need to be magical, so it would make sense if the microcontinent was 90% high mana and 10% very high mana. The continental shelf and 80% of the land would be high mana while the central 20% of the land would be very high mana. The beastfolk that lived in the very high mana regions could be horrific amalgamations of multiple races of beastfolk, like bear-owl folk or tiger-carp folk.
Basically, he's adding a slice of the Planet Mongo is adding a new genre blend to Yrth. Megalos is basically Lankhmar, Yibyorak is basically Ankh-Morpork. Al-Wazif is The Arabian Nights Glamourous and Al-Haz is the Arabian Nights gritty. Bilit Island is a mixture of Swashbuckler and survival horror. Sahud is...interesting. Alexander Howl's suggestion would add a area of Sword and Sorcery blended with Planetary Romance.
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