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Old 08-07-2012, 03:21 AM   #1
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Default Expansions/Booster to get for basic fantasy set for noobs?

So - real new to this game, and just started getting friends into playing it. Played with two last night (and my wife) - they're both buying a copy now. :D

However, them buying decks puts me in a bind - because if we play with their deck, then I don't get to be the definitive voice on ruling issues. >:)

So far, I've only purchased some boosters to add to the game. I've got the Conan Booster, the Guild Booster, Reloaded, Monster Enhancers and the Munchkinomicon (though I'm waiting to play with this one until we're all a bit more familiar with the game).

Additionally, I placed orders today/yesterday for the 2011 Warehouse 23 exclusive, all three (released) Christmas-themed boosters, Fairy Dust and Fairy Dice.

Now, I think with the Fairy Dust and Die, I'll be waiting to add those into play for the same reasons I'm waiting on the Munchkinomicon.

Sso far, I've added all of the other boosters into play and, when the Christmas and Warehouse cards arrive, I'll be adding those (as applicable) to the main deck.

So, where do I go from here? I really enjoyed the Conan cards - can the full Conan game be easily mixed in with the base fantasy set? Should it be?

Outside of that, the only stuff left are the various promo cards and the expansions. While I may eventually get the boxes of holding, I don't think I want to spring for a bunch of extra dice or such - unless there's a super-fun promo card in the set. Thoughts? Obviously, promos I can't order are out.

For the regular expansions, should I just buy them, one at a time, in numberical order and add them to my deck as my friends and I play through them a few times? Is there a particular expansion that's worth skipping and coming back to later? And if I go this route, at which point would I be best to add in the Conan set?
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Andrew Hackard
Munchkin Line Editor
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Default Re: Expansions/Booster to get for basic fantasy set for noobs?

Conan: It plays very well on its own (and the Conan The Barbarian booster works well with either the original set or the Conan set). It's also designed to blend nicely with the original set, if you want to do it that way. I'd probably play it as a standalone first, just so you get the flavor of it.

Expansions: Munchkin 2 and 3 add new Classes and Races (Orc in M2, Bard and Gnome in M3) but not any new mechanics. That's probably where I would start. If you buy 3 before 2, you'll want to "tune" the set a bit to make sure the numbers of Class and Race cards match up, but that's the only thing you'd have to watch for.

Munchkin 4 and 5 add the Steed mechanic and a variety of new Hirelings, and M5 has the Ranger class. I'll skip over Munchkin 6 for a second. Munchkin 7 is probably not one you'll need unless you start using Munchkin 2-5 and maybe Conan as well; it's designed to make "blender" games more fun by adding a lot of new cards to use lots of Classes and Races. Munchkin 8 adds two new Races (Centaurs and Lizard Guys) and has more Steeds and Hirelings.

Munchkin 6 can be bought at any time -- it adds Dungeon cards, which change the rules of the game and don't require any of the previous expansions. You can also safely skip it, if you think your group wouldn't find that fun.
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Default Re: Expansions/Booster to get for basic fantasy set for noobs?

One thing we have done, to help distribute costs among the group, was to have each of our normal players buy a core set, and then the expansions for it, minimizing duplicate sets. For example, I bought the core Fantasy set, and have expansions 2-6 so far. My Brother-in-law bought Star and Cthulu, and one expansion each. This allows us to play as many different flavors of the game as possible (Cthulu rocks!), while still preventing each person from having to own a full set worth $100's. And we also swap sets for when we go to play at other groups (he took my fantasy set to a campout this past weekend)

Just a suggestion to get the most out of this addiction... er... game!

Welcome to the fold!
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