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Default Clarification on Signature Gear

I've been building some Monster Hunters characters for fun, and I noticed that in the Monster Hunters book, it says Signature Gear can only buy a maximum of one item (or closely related group of items) per point, fewer if it costs more than $10000. This is only a rule in Monster Hunters, right? I've always treated SG as a fungible pool of money.
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Default Re: Clarification on Signature Gear

The pool of money is how it works in Basic. Monster Hunters has a variant rule.
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Donny Brook
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Default Re: Clarification on Signature Gear

It's not a quite fungible pool of money in Basic, it's "as much a part of your personal legend as are your reputation and skills" and "You must explain where it came from".
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Default Re: Clarification on Signature Gear

I've always treated Signature Gear as a separate advantage for every "piece" of gear.

The pseudo-exception would be "pieces" that are more than one thing (FREX: a suit of clothes, a library, a set of thieves tools, etc...) but are nevertheless a single equipment entry on the character sheet.

But reading over the description in Basic, I now see that it's definitely written to allow for multiple separate pieces of gear:

"You have distinctive, valuable possessions unrelated to your wealth level. [...] Signature Gear gives goods worth up to 50% of the average campaign starting wealth [...]"

To get a little grammer nerdy on you: When not using the collective noun "gear" the book uses plural nouns. When they use the singular pronoun "it," it's always in reference to the collective noun "gear."
So my old interpretation is clearly wrong (though definitely the rule for MH).

That said, I do think that as a GM I'd require each instance of Signature Gear to be, at the very least, "thematically linked." E.g. "my uniform, firearm, and survival gear from my time in the service."
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Balor Patch
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Default Re: Clarification on Signature Gear

In DFRPG it's a simple perk that "insures" an item against the vagaries of adventuring. I like that approach better and might like it for Ally as well.
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signature gear

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