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Default Re: Converting "Problematic" Spells to Powers

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
I think I prefer the Jumper builds, but it smells a little of "all I have is a hammer" when what you really need is a pencil.

Jumper is potentially a very versatile hammer, but I dislike arguments based on "I'll just invent a dimension that works the way I need it to work, therefore 'that thing I want' is worth the cost of Jumper (One World Only)."

Insubstantial? No, I jump to a dimension that partially intersects ours!
Invisibility? No, I jump to a dimension where it overlaps so much that there is full physical interaction between the two, only things in THAT dimension can't be seen in THIS dimension.[1]

It's an uncomfortable precedent for me. Dimensions are part of world building, not "how my power works".

[1] Which, admittedly, explains why the Invisible thing can still see without two floating eyeballs being visible. However, that sounds like it should be the explanation for your Invisible (switchable) advantage, not "I have Jumper (The Invisible Dimension Only)".
Simply jumping to a dimension where time doesn't pass -- I'm going to agree that doesn't set the best precedent.

That's why I think a linked 'dimension' jump + a time jump with portal is appropriate.

Jumper (time) indisputably has the the ability to mess with time, but only by moving things around in time, not by slowing down or speeding up time. This is precisely what it does in this build. It moves things back to the time when the effect was created.

The jumper (world) build was chosen to represent isolation from the rest of the world, rather than abusing 'jump to a world were physics are different'. The isolated area is identical to earth, but is separated by the time effect -- which is entirely appropriate + even without creating a different dimension, a time bubble probably ought to be subject to cross-dimensional penalties for doing things. The effect of separation is entirely within the domain of jumper(world). Its also worth pointing out that rather than 'jumping to a dimension where time works differently', we are rather 'paying for the seperation effects of jumping to a different dimension'. The time stuff is done by jumper(time).

Does that still worry you?
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