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Alden Loveshade
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Default Re: Warriors of Haunden

Originally Posted by Kalzazz View Post
Was there anything in specific Cassandra should be remembering from Anoras?
This from January 24, 2024 (it's been months for us, but a short time for Anoras, Cassandra, and Thad):

(Anoras speaking to Thad and Cassandra):

Originally Posted by Alden Loveshade View Post
...."As you both may know I am quite flexible, so can easily make it appear my hands were tied. And remember I can easily pass for a Venasir; I know the culture and language as well as a native. Stars forbid we are attacked or captured. But if we are captured, and even if we aren't, I have two possible stories I can tell if needed.

"One, I can claim my hands were tied and you both took me prisoner. And I can claim you both know secrets important to the Venasir, and I can get that information from you. That could keep us all alive.

"Or two, I might claim you were with Haunden but decided to join the Venasir and you both rescued me. That could also keep us all alive.

"Be ready for me to tell one of those two stories if we are captured."
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