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Default Aiming at fully hidden targets

1) If I want to shoot the guy who took full cover, what will be the modifier: -10 (B408) or -6 (B394, "cannot see his foe, but can
see his other surroundings")?

I'd say it depends on the nature of cover. If it's a very long wall, the shooter is effectively "blind": -10. If it's a car, the shooter cannot see his foe, but he can see the objects which surround the target, and he knows the general location of the foe: -6.

2) Aiming can't provide any benefit while shooting blind (B389). Can it be of use in other cases mentioned at B394 (Visibility)?

Possibly it depends on how the GM handles the previous question: kinda Aming isn't possible if the shooter is effectively blind (-10 modifier), but it is possible if the shooter can see other surroundings (-6 modifier).

On the other hand, general task of hitting someone fully hidden behind the obstacle can be divided into "hit the obstacle" task and "hit the guy through the obstacle" task. First one is still affected by distance modifiers, so I'd allow Aiming to mitigate these modifiers if the shooter has succeeded in his Hearing roll (he knows the general direction of the attack, so he can use his sights to aim at that particular section of the wall).
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