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Default Re: #Dungeon23 Megadungeon Challenge

Galdurnaut in a Porcelain Emporium

A series of octagonal rooms are joined at alternate walls by a three yard wide arch. The rooms stretch into the darkness. Players who explore will find that the arcade of rooms has 45 octagonal cells arranged into a 5x9 grid. None of these spaces are lit.

In each octagonal cell is a wooden table balanced on a single slender leg. The tables are filled with delicate and ornate porcelain urns, bowls, chalices, and statuary. A fine, even dust covers everything, and while moving at 1 hex per turn through a room poses no risk to the objects, running past, swinging weapons, or making any sudden motions like a dodge or a retreat will knock a piece to the floor and shatter it.

After explorers spend a minute or two examining the clearly valuable objects, a galdurnaut charges from the darkness toward the party, smashing aside tables and porcelain in a mindless cascade of destruction.

Walking through any room with broken porcelain requires no roll at Move 1. Moving any faster requires a DX roll at a penalty equal to hexes moved minus one. Using any weapon with a reach greater than C is also an automatic failure of this DX roll, as is a dodge or retreat; so a retreating dodge equals two failures, moving at move 3 requires a DX-2 roll for failure. Failure spreads broken fragments of pottery to cover the floor. Multiple failures cause multiple pieces to be broken. Broken pottery does 1d-5 per piece in a room to anyone wearing less substantial footwear than boots. Each room contains 10+2d beautiful and fragile porcelain objects.

Also, a 15’ long metal bull with poison breath is trying to trample and kill everyone, while destroying objects d’art at a dizzying rate.

After the galdurnaut is dealt with, any surviving pieces weigh 4d pounds and are worth 1d times 1d times $750. They are a hassle to carry out, most will probably get smashed into ad hoc caltrops, but it’s a decent haul if you happen to have a padded wheelbarrow handy.
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