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Default Re: Corco's Villa (IC)

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
Right. Next I'll take a nap (can't imagine I got much rest hiding in bushes and a shrub. After that, I'll put the uniform in a paper bag along with the bindings.
Or the trunk, I'd guess

Then I'll aim to get to the park & ride where the priest parked yesterday near the end of the day but early enough to make a return trip. I'll find the priest's car again, find somewhere to discreetly change (a bathroom could do), and then disguise myself as the priest drive back to his house in his car.

Hm. Only by four. Once I get back to his house, I'll stick the bindings in a closet in a guest room. I'll be keeping the paper bag. Then I'll head back to the park and ride. There, I will find somewhere to change again, this time into nothing, toss the uniform and my old clothes into the paper bag and then into the trash, and then hide myself in the trunk. Stealth to not be seen while I do all this:

By five and five. Then I guess I'll wait until he drives the car back home.
No one challenges Halcyone. She arrives at his home in his trunk on schedule.

Originally Posted by the_matrix_walker View Post
Vassarious heads a few miles out away from the Hotel before taking his air elemental form and heads over to stow away on a flight to the portal. If possible, he will stealth along all the way tothe caves.
The cargo section of the plane is quite room, at least if you're diffuse and can fit in cracks. The hardest part is determining which plane is headed to the right location.

No agents of maximus bother V. He arrives in the cave, where Kunnifax and Holo-maximus are discussing cell phones and their implications and use. Kunnifax seems to notice your presence, even in the poor lighting... or perhaps especially in the close normally still air of the caverns.
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