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Old 04-09-2014, 06:12 AM   #1
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Default Illuminati - Welcome to Night Vale?

Lately, people here at SJ have done tie-ins with a lot of different comic/media franchises. It just hit me that it'd be a great way to re-release the older SJ game, Illuminati.

My suggestion- Illuminati - Welcome to Night Vale edition. Based on the creepy, comical hit podcast, players represent one of the many organizations trying to control the sleepy, desert town of Night Vale. Organizations include the Vague Yet Menacing Government Agency, StrexCorp, the Angels, the City Council and even the meglomaniacal Glow Cloud. (Alternatively, you could base it off of Night Vale's illuminati factions: Red, Green, Eagle, Faction Four, the Real Illuminati, the Other Real Illuminati, Red Again, Alpha, Windhind and Hungry Man Brand Frozen Foods Officially Sponsored Illuminati.)

Groups to control include the Sheriff's Secret Police, the Boy Scouts (including Eagle, Blood, and Eternal Scouts), the Man in the Tan Jacket, and The Underground City located in the pin retrieval area of lane five.

I think the two concepts would mesh together really well.
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Default Re: Illuminati - Welcome to Night Vale?

Originally Posted by StyrofoamKing View Post
it'd be a great way to re-release the older SJ game, Illuminati.
Illuminati is still in print.
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Default Re: Illuminati - Welcome to Night Vale?

Thank you! I did know this, and plan to pick it up after next pay check.

However, it's not on the shelves as much, as it's not considered a very new game. However, adding a new version / twist would revitalize it's presence in hobby stores, might interest some older players to pick up a new version (as the cards would no doubt be compatible, but not identical), while the tie-in with the younger demographic of Night Vale might pull in new buyers who were not old enough to be interested in the game when it first premiered.

While you can argue that no one "needs" a new version of the game, the success of Munchkin proves that consumers will not be turned off by a skin/overlay from an existing game. Heck, even Illuminati came out as the very similar "Hacker," did it not?
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Patient Zero
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Default Re: Illuminati - Welcome to Night Vale?

they did something similar to this when they made the Illuminati: Crime Lords and INWO: SubGenius. The trap would be if they went into too small a niche there wouldn't be enough of a market for the game. (I never heard of Night Vale... I'm still not sure why they picked INWO: SubGenius). If you really are itching to add this sort of thing there are always the blank cards that come with the game. God knows I've had fun adding my little quirks to Illuminati...
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Bo Smith
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Default Re: Illuminati - Welcome to Night Vale?

It would probably do better as an expansion than as a stand-alone or new edition. Heaven knows I would love to see an expansion, If it blends well with existing cards, improves replayabilaty, and is fun, O am all over it.
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