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Old 05-12-2021, 10:07 AM   #21
Donny Brook
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Default Re: Bestowing Personality-based Powers

Originally Posted by Coinage View Post
Total: 2156

How does that sound?
I think my way would be much cheaper. Spending [960] would let give someone permanent ATS.
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Default Re: Bestowing Personality-based Powers

There is something that I find a little problematic about using limitations to represent amplifying a person's characteristics when selecting an Affliction from a Modular Ability. How does the uncontrollable power know about the subject's personality traits?

One of the things I like about the Wildcard! version is it can be far more "hand-wavey" in my mind.

With Modular Abilities, we are talking about a two-stage process, where you set up your power with Modular abilities, and then grant the ability to a subject. But a Modular Ability does not have a subject.

Are we talking about what the person using the ability believes the target's traits are or their actual traits? I think the idea is the latter. So we might need some Cosmic to use a Detect based Homing effect, or link a Detect to the Modular ability.

If you want to price this out as a Cosmic Modular Ability, use the Slotted version, it will be a significant savings.

In the end, I think I would just endorse...

Origins Magnet (Cosmic, Can Target once a year, +300%) [30]
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Default Re: Bestowing Personality-based Powers

Here is what I have taken from the recommendation of “Donny Brook”

-Modular Abilities, Cosmic Power 500 [10 / lvl = 5000] (B71)
--Physical Only [+50% = +2500]

--Accessibility: only related to traits already possessed by the target [-40% = -2000](PU8, p. 4)
--Accessibility: only permanent Afflictions allowed [-5% = -250] (PU8, p. 4)
--Advantages Only: Affliction, Advantages [-40% = -2000] ({64)
--Uncontrollable: cannot choose what trait is afflicted [-9% = -450] (, comment 15)

Total: 2,800

Based on the recommendation of “the_matrix_walker”, here is another version:

-Affliction, Advantage 1 [10 / lvl = 10] (B35)
--Advantage, 500 points [+10% per point the advantage is worth, + 5000% = 500] (B36)
--Permanent, cannot be removed [300% + 30] (B104)

--Accessibility: Advantages given are limited to be in response to character’s traits [-50% = -5] (PU8, p. 4)
--Accessibility: Only once a year [-70% =-7] (PU8, p. 4)
Sum: 529

--Wild Card: "Can bestow any power, but the powers are ultimately unpredictable and based on the recipient’s present circumstances, past background, worries about the future, personality, and other factors. Also, a person only be empowered once.” [x4] (S41)
Total: 2115

Then there is the Origins Magnet approach:

Origins Magnet [-15] (S32)
-Cosmic: Can Target one individual once a year, [+300% = +45] (PU4, p. 8)
-Resulting powers should be based on character's personality, psychological and mental problems and quirks, and other personal traits
Sum Total: 30

MMM, I do think the Origins Magnet route is probably the cheapest, and the simplest in terms of math. Thanks.
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