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Default Re: Has SJGames been working on GURPS 5th edition for 2 years, or is Steve just troll

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
Again you seem to be totally ignoring that Harry has to prepare all of this in advance. These are charms and conditionals.
I didn't address the claim that Harry has to prepare Fuego in advance because he doesn't. You're wrong. Dresdenverse magic doesn't work like that and that's not what a blasting rod does.

I didn’t have my blasting rod with me, and I was not sure that my raw power, no matter how furious, would be enough to hurt Tessa through the defenses the Fallen gave her. I had never been able to attain the kind of precision I would need without artificial aid.

As of right now, I officially did not care about that, either. I focused my rage, focused my anger, focused my hate and my denial and my pain. I blocked away everything in the entire universe but the thought of my friend’s bloody body hanging from that rope, and a spot two inches across in the center of Tessa’s chest.

Then I drew in a breath, whirling a hand over my head and bellowed through my ragged throat, so loudly that it felt like something tore, “Fuego, pyrofuego!”

I stabbed the first two fingers of my right hand forward as I did, unleashing my fury and my will. “Burn!”

A bar of blue-white fire so dense that it was nearly a solid object lashed across the distance from me to Tessa and slammed into her like an enormous spear.

The mantislike Denarian threw back her pretty face and screamed in agony as the shaft of fire bored cleanly through her, melting a wide hole that burned wider still before searing itself shut. She went down, howling and thrashing, burned by fire far deadlier and more destructive than any I had ever called before, with a blasting rod or without one.

It's a focus for aiding his imperfect precision, not a pre-hung Fuego spell. Hence why he never runs out of pre-hung Fuegos, unlike (say) Merlin of Chaos and Amber with his pre-hung Logrus spells.
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