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Old 07-27-2023, 05:35 PM   #1
Join Date: Aug 2022
Default Help a noobie understand critical hits

Hey folks! I have been hard at work designing my first setting in GURPS, I have spent years playing other systems and always wanted to play GURPS but I came across a hurdle studying the "combat lite" section of the basic set.

It describes that a critical hit is scored on a 3-4, but can be augmented to 3-5 with an effective skill of 15 and a 3-6 with an effective skill of 16. that's a pretty big range! 40% of the possible dice range (3-18) is a possible critical hit! That's pretty cool but also insanely powerful for what seems to be pretty easy to achieve, a sixteen skill.

So that makes me wonder, is that 16 effective skill their skill on the character sheet or the effective skill AFTER modifiers such as distance, character speed, cover ect?

How does this effect armor?

*That* question is really why I logged in. How do you allow a chance of victory if the character is using a 1d6 weapon and the enemy has an armor with a DR of 7? Is it entirely critical hits?

Thanks again for any help with these questions ya folk wanna provide :).
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