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Default Re: Warriors of Haunden (IC)

Anoras goes into the forest to look for the herbs, and its not too long before she finds them. She returns, lights them on fire, and places them under the skull, which goes still. Then she fashions a charm out of the skull, weighing half a pound, and giving a +5 to resist spells by the sorcerer who made the monster to its wearer. Who will wear it?

Cassandra finds Branwen under a crooked tree. Her eyes are wild, and she does not recognize Cassandra or even her own mother. Her brother is there as well. Rhiannon points to a line in the leaves around the tree, about 10 feet away from it, and tells Cassandra not to cross it. It seems Branwen won't cross the line either. She will happily growl and spit at Cassandra though.

Rhiannon shows up as the charm is finished. She immediately starts the surgery on Janden.

Much of the rest of the village is anxious for a rescue party to be sent out to reclaim their lost ones.
Rhiannon: "You will be able to catch them. But you will need care to beat them, or you will end up like Janden here."
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