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Default Deluxe Illuminati and Controlling the World

I own the decks...I put together unique and well thought out decks using the base game and expansions...I sleeve the cards...I buy extra blank cards and MB's to enhance the game...yet when I play Discordia and a werid group is drawn they think I stacked the deck...When I play UFO's and make judicious use of multilple actions and collect groups that don't match special goals, I am accused of cheating again... whithout whining, doesn't owning the decks account for something?
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Default Re: Deluxe Illuminati and Controlling the World

Hmmm... sounds to me like you're playing Illuminati.

It does generally speed up the game, however, if people aren't constantly suspiscious of what the other players are doing. To keep everything above board, try rotating all duties (shuffling, cutting the decks, banking, etc.). It may also help to include all cards in the game. It makes for some big decks, but perhaps each player could be responsible for shuffling a quarter or a third of them, then you can mix them all together by cutting for final randomness. If the uncontrolled groups become too plentiful, you might try voting cards off the table (hard to do if Blivit is in play), or give everyone one extra action for a round that can only be used to attack to destroy a card (giving other players a chance to counter).

The only other solution I can think of is finding new people to play with. If players are that suspiscious of each other, it's surprising that they made it out of their homes to get together for a game, what with all the conspiracies going on out there. When players accuse the UFOs of cheating when they are doing what they are supposed to do by keeping the others guessing as to their goal, it sounds like paranoia is a little out of hand.
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