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Default Re: [Supers] Nerfed Marvel Universe

Originally Posted by awesomenessofme1 View Post
I'd have to look at the discussion I had when first making it, but I believe I ended up deciding that "it's guaranteed to cause one bad thing to happen relatively quick, but then it disappears immediately" ended up netting to +0%. I definitely discussed this at some point.
House rule? Disadvantages usually don't come up as quickly or seriously as other things you can afflict which is probably why are comparable to Irritating conditions. If you could count on "one bad thing" Unluckiness or Klutz does about the same thing.

I'd prefer to get away from the "resisted" mechanic for Scarlet Witch. There's no evidence that strong willed characters would be resistant bad luck.

Another thing I'd need to look into since it's been a while, but iirc, I used the "heroes tend to be more attractive" judgment rather than "everyone is drawn/cast more attractive, so adjust for that".
It's personal preference. I base it how others in game react to the character more than how I attractive I find that character. If nothing else, it helps separate what I like from what the character concept is.

Well, I based it largely on the MCU version, and it seems like she definitely has both of those. The Terror is based on the nightmares she used in Age of Ultron, and the Mind Control has appeared in a few places.
Terror doesn't represent what she did in AoU very well. Terror is omni-directional fright check based on either sight or sound. Scarlet Witch had to get close (basically touch range) to inflict hallucinations to each Avenger one at a time. It's a textbook example of Affliction (Hallucinations +50%), and should be very hard to resist (since no Avenger could).

She used a type of Mind Control in the TV series (overwriting personalities), but otherwise mostly relied on TK to throw stuff around.

Special Rapport is included. It's Special Rapport+Mindlink (One Person)+Telesend (One Person Only).
It looks like Scarlet Witch felt her brother die (Rapport) in Age of Ultron, but I'm not sure why you're upgrading this include Telesend as well. Besides, if they can read each other's minds I'd use Mind Reading (spying) instead of Telesend (broadcasting) for the same cost. Reading would allow each to probe what the other is feeling/thinking rather than waiting for a message.
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