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Default GURPS Star Trek - Martial Arts Techniques

Combination (Karate, Targeted Attack (Arm Strike (Neck)) + Nerve Strike (Vulcan Nerve Pinch)

Defaults to Nerve Strike (Vulcan Nerve Pinch)-3 (or -6) + Targeted Attack (Arm Strike (Neck))-3 (or -6).

Prerequisites: Trained by a Master (or equivalent) and Nerve Strike (Vulcan Nerve Pinch).
Cannot exceed lower of Karate or Nerve Strike (Vulcan Nerve Pinch) skills.

This combination allows you to simultaneously grapple your opponent with one hand and apply the Vulcan Nerve Pinch variant of the Nerve Strike technique, potentially rendering your victim unconscious in one combat round, while denying him the chance to break free.

Your Arm Strike maneuver suffers a -5 penalty since you’re pinching with only one hand. The penalties are typically only -3 (instead of the usual -6) because anyone who has this technique must have the Trained by a Master advantage which halves the usual penalty.

See GURPS Martial Arts for further information about combinations.

Example: Timek has ST 15, Arm Strike+1, Trained By A Master, and Nerve Strike (Vulcan Nerve Pinch) 10. At -3 for two attacks (with Trained By A Master), his default is Combination (Vulcan Nerve Pinch + Arm Strike-5) = 7+8. He could improve this to 8+9 for 4 points or to 10+11 for 6 points.

Source: Adapted from Captain Joy & others.
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