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Prince Charon
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Default Characters with 'Power-heavy' builds

Basically, this is a thread for posting characters that have a significant majority of their points in power-related advantages, perks, and skills, whether they are psi-abilities, magic, spiritual, chi, generic 'super' powers, and so on. By 'significant majority' I mean at least two thirds, but preferably more. A 150 point sorceror with 100 points in magic-related advantages and such (probably mostly the Sorcery advantage itself, and Alternate Abilities thereof) would count, as would a 100-point archaeologist who discovered and bonded with a 400-point 'Artifact of the Ancient Aliens.'

Here's an example, previously posted in another thread:

Gregory James van Horne, 'Astral Knight,' 2019

Age: 15


ST 10 [0]; DX 10 [0]; IQ 12 [40]; HT 9 [-10]

Secondary Characteristics

HP 10; Will 14 [10]; Per 12; FP 12 [9]

Social Background

Languages: 21st Century English (Native) [0].

TL: 8

Cultural Familiarity: 21st Century Western [0].

Subtotal: 49


Absolute Timing [2]
Eidetic Memory [5]
Less Sleep 1 [2]

Astral Armor 10 [30]
Astral Celerity 6 [36]
Astral Projection Talent 1 [5]
Astral Sight 3 [13]
Astral Sword 3 [20]
Astral Travel (Uncontrollable, -10%) 6 [72]
Protected Power (Astral Projection) [5]


Near-Death Projection. [1]
Retractable Cord. [1]
Skill Conversion: Astral Movement based on IQ. [1]
Skill Conversion: Astral Sword based on IQ. [1]
Subjective Navigator. [1]

Subtotal: 191


Compulsive Snooping (12) [-5]
Enemies (Hostile astral entities; small group, about as powerful, rarely all appear at once; Hunters; 9 or less) [-20]
Secret (Identity) [-10]
Social Stigma (Minor) [-5]


Big X-Men fan. [-1]
Cat person. [-1]
Delusion ('I am a mutant'). [-1]
Likes redheads. [-1]
Hates anchovies. [-1]

Subtotal: -45



Animal Handling (Felines) [IQ/A] [1] 11
Area Knowledge (Inner Astral Plane) [IQ/E] [1] 12
Astral Lore [IQ/A] [1] 11
Bicycling [DX/E] [1] 10
Computer Operation/TL8 [IQ/E] [1] 12
Currant Affairs (Paranormal) [IQ/E] [1] 12
Expert Skill (Psionics) [IQ/H] [2] 11
First Aid/TL8 [IQ/E] [1] 12
Hobby Skill (X-Men) [IQ/E] [2] 13
Housekeeping [IQ/E] [1] 12
Literature (Comic Books) [IQ/H] [1] 10
Research [IQ/A] [2] 12

Astral Armor [Will/H] [1] 13*
Astral Movement [IQ/H] [4] 13*
Astral Sight [Per/H] [2] 12*
Astral Sword [IQ/H] [2] 12*
Astral Travel [IQ/H] [8] 14*

* Includes +1 from Astral Projection Talent.


Astral Crossing (H) Astral Travel-8 [9] 14
Cloaking (H) Astral Travel-8 [7] 12
Cross-World Communication (H) Astral Travel-1 [0] 13
Penetrating Blow (H) Astral Sword-5 [2] 8
Spectral Dodge (H) Astral Movement-4 [5] 13

Subtotal: 55

Total: 250


-Books, notebooks, school supplies
Wallet, keys, et cetra


The two Skill Conversion perks represent his more intellectual concept of the astral plane, where IQ substitutes for DX. Will should also substitute for HT and ST (and HP), but I'm not sure how to represent that in this context; possibly Extra ST and Extra HT, both with the Astral Only limitation, but if so, I'm not sure how much that limitation is worth, and it would require juggling points. In some settings, this is not necessary, as it would just be a setting switch.

Greg was never the healthiest child growing up, but since he hit puberty, he began having fainting spells when under stress. This is actually a manifestation of his Astral Travel ability, which originally had the Unconscious Only limitation (since bought off), and is still Uncontrollable.

As the Astral Knight, Greg is taller, more muscular-looking, has a voice like Sir Patrick Stewart, and wears what appears to be 16th-century full plate, save that rather than looking metallic, it resembles a cross between blue opal and mother-of-pearl. His Astral Sword also appears to be made of this imaginary substance. I haven't listed his reputation, but it's safe to say that while he has basically no game-useful rep in the physical plane (if I do a revised version, he might have a minor negative rep in school as 'that nerd who faints a lot'), his reputations in the astral plane (good spirits react positively if they recognize him, and evil spirits react negatively if they recognize him) cancel each other out.

Greg is a bit unusual even among minor supers, as he's completely unknown if you have nothing to do with the astral plane - he only learned the Cross-World Communication technique fairly recently.

Templates used (all from GURPS Psis): Unexpected Psi (text box p19), Spirit Warrior (pp21-22), Visual Hunter, Long-Term Projector (Inner Plane lens), and elements of Fast Projector (all p22).
Warning, I have the Distractible and Imaginative quirks in real life.

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