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Old 02-06-2010, 12:37 PM   #1
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Location: Detroit
Default Online Post-apocalyptic realistic modern PbP seeking players

GURPS: The Day the Fire Died

Come to scenic Lake of the Ozarks!

Lake of the Ozarks attractions offer an endless list of things to do and see, for both the first-time and return visitor. Explore the outdoors at Ha Ha Tonka State Park, or spend a day at some of our other fun-filled attractions. Enjoy the golf Mecca of the Midwest, relax with some of the state's best shopping, or perhaps you came for the fishing. Paddlefish, those challenging throwbacks to the late cretaceous, are in season for snagging.

Or at least, that's why you came here in the first place. But then came the Change.

Now it's a quest for survival and a chance to determine how society is going to develop in the Changed world.

Inspired by S.M. Stirling's Dies the Fire, The Day the Fire Died takes place in and around the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. Familiarity with the novels is not necessary (but enjoyable)--canon is unlikely to intersect with our story. Dies the Fire chronicles the struggle of two groups who try to survive "The Change," a sudden worldwide event that alters physical laws so that electricity, gunpowder, and most other forms of high-energy-density technology no longer work. As a result, modern civilization comes crashing down.

This is a GURPS 4E game, although knowledge of the rules isn't strictly required. GURPS Lite, the free down loadable version, would be enough to play, although the GMs will use more rules than are contained in that distilled version. Assisted character creation will be available for those who aren't familiar with the rules. No sociopathic characters need apply.

150 points, -75 disads including -5 quirks. No Supernatural or Exotic advantages. Esoteric knowledge will be treated as in real life, that is skills such as Esoteric Medicine will be allowed, but whether it works better than First Aid is more opinion than fact.

This is located at, which requires free registration if you are not already a member. The direct URL for the game is, although you will need to go to the main page to sign in. To join after signing in, from the main page, go the ‘characters’ link on the left. Create a character, although all that is required at this point is a name. (It may be any name, and does not need to be related to your Member Username in any way. It may be changed later, unlike your Username.) Request to join from the character page by selecting the GURPS section, then the game name. A message will be sent to the GMs, and you will be notified whether or not you were accepted.

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Old 02-06-2010, 12:39 PM   #2
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Detroit
Default Re: Online Post-apocalyptic realistic modern PbP seeking players

Also, don't feel shy about sending me a PM if I don't respond to this thread too quickly. This is my first advertisement here, and I tend not to look in this section of the forums much.
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Old 02-17-2010, 06:00 AM   #3
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Detroit
Default Re: Online Post-apocalyptic realistic modern PbP seeking players

We currently have a handful of players, and will be starting shortly. Most likely, anyone applying from this point on will be arriving after the big 'Change'.

I don't think I've gotten even one applicant from here, so I doubt it really matters, but it's my nature to update things regularly.
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gurps 4e, online, pbp, post-apocalyptic

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