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Old 08-17-2009, 12:56 PM   #1
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Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: New Castle, PA (north of Pittsburgh)
Default [IC] In Nomine -- The Redemption of Eli

This is the in-character thread for my intended-to-start In Nomine PbP game "The Redemption of Eli."

This game is now full. I don't need any more PCs. The game is in progress... see below!

The game's website is:

Feel free to browse my general In Nomine site. In particuar, your characters may know some of the information about various cities described under Settings; you can decide what your character would know, given the background. As this and my other IN campaign progresses, I'll be adding more setting info to the website. My general IN site is:

The PCs are:
  • Rhoda, Ofanite of Flowers -- Rocket Man
  • Somasti, Mercurian of Flowers -- ladyarcana55
  • Nechama, Mercurian of Protection -- Andygal
  • Jedidah-Bezek, Mercurian of Lightning in service to Networks -- DAlillama
  • Heb Rhoneniel, Seraph of Animals -- Acolyte

Here is the OOC thread for the game :

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Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: New Castle, PA (north of Pittsburgh)
Default Somasti


Deep in South America, the young woman stopped, and regarded the beauty of the scene before her. A stark canyon, overgrown with vegitation at the bottom and the top, and even much of the way up the sides. To the left, the roar of a healthy waterfall. Directly across from her, an explosion of color as many tropical flowers were in full bloom. A small songbird sat on her shoulder, cheeping in appreciation of the sight.

"It is beautiful, is it not," a voice behind her said.

Somasti turned to see the visage of an older woman, wearing a bandanna around her head and carrying a walking stick. She simultaneously gave the impression of a hiker who had been travelling in the woods for several weeks, and of a gardener with soil on her knees and elbows who had just stood up from tending beloved plants. Although she had not seen this form before, Somasti instantly recognized that this was Novalis, the Archangel of Flowers.

"My Lady!" Somasti said.

Novalis smiled and briefly placed a hand gently on Somasti's cheek. "You are looking well, Somasti. I need to ask you to do something that will take you out of your element."

Confused, Somasti said, "Yes, my lady..."

Novalis continued. "I need you to come to my tether in San Francisco. I know you are not fond of the city, but there is something very important and increasingly urgent that I need you to work with some others to find out. Do you know of Rhoda?"

"The Ofanite? I have heard of her."

"I will be putting her in charge of a group of angels, including others from Protection, Animals, and even Ligtening."

"Lightening?" Somasti asked. It was very rare for Servitors of Flowers to work with Lightening, and Somasti herself had had very little interaction with Jean's servitors.

Nodding, Novalis continued. "The time has come for us to seek out Eli, and to offer him our loving help. Dominic is going to be redoubling his efforts to bring the Archangel of Creation in for a trial. His friends among the host want to help him avoid suffering needlessly."

"Oh!" Somasti said, starting to realize the magnitude of the task she was being assigned to.

Smiling, Novalis said, "Have faith in yourself. This is important, but you and the others you will be working with are up to it. I will see you in three days in San Francisco, yes?"

"Yes, my Lady!" Somasti said. She turned to look at the canyon briefly. When she turned back, Novalis was gone.
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Location: New Castle, PA (north of Pittsburgh)
Default Nechama


The Mercurian went back into the lounge for a cup of coffee after another satisfying day of working with those who needed the help the most. Although one runs into a more desperate cross-section of humanity when working at a free clinic, especially in a town that is known for its large population of homeless people, it does allow one to interact with raw humanity and a minimum of facade (at least on the humans') part when they need help the most.

Nechama was suddenly startled by the rolling sounds of Disturbance in the Symphony, quite close by. This being a Tether, it really wasn't all that uncommon, and one got used to the background disturbance that comes from being in such a place.

"Nechama," a ringing alto voice said.

Standing up, startled, Nechama said, "My Lady!"

Zadkiel smiled. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. How are you finding your new assignment in the United States?"

Nechama shrugged. "There are cultural differences. The weather is much nicer; everybody around here talks about how cold it is in San Francisco. They probably need to get out more. But, working at the clinic, we see people perhaps at their most desperate. If humans had more opportunity to see each other when they needed help the most, they might realize that their cultural differences aren't so great as they sometimes think."

Zadkiel nodded. "Indeed. I'm sorry to pull you away before you have time to really settle, but something has come up, and I need an angel that I can trust to work on it. It's regarding Eli. Novalis and I have been getting more and more worried about him in recent years, and not it looks like Judgement is going to step up their investigation of him. We need to put together a group to try to find Eli and protect him before he's found by forces that may have prejudged him. To figure out what he is really up to, and to help him manage to do it in spite of an increasingly hostile heaven."

Nechama's eyes widened. This was potentially something big.

"On June 4, there's going to be a meeting at Golden Gate Park," the Archangel of Protection said, gesturing at the nearby tether to Flowers. "Novalis and myself will be there, along with the rest of the group that we're putting together. They will all be angels who have proven themselves as well as you know we're taking this seriously."

Nodding, Nechama merely said, "As you wish my Lady."

"I will speak with you further in a few days. And, now, before I need to go on to deal with other matters, I want to speak briefly with Hazana. God be with you."

"Thank you, my Lady."
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Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: New Castle, PA (north of Pittsburgh)
Default Heb Rhoneniel


The humpback whale glided through the water, not thinking, just enjoying the senstation of neutral boyancy, the water pressure on all sides, the smooth movement.
A snippit of whalesong caught his attention. This was not a sequence he heard very often. With a swish of his tail, he turned toward the other humpback whale approaching him.

He trumpeted a few notes. >>My Lord<<

The other whale responded. >>Heb Rhoneniel. It is good to see you. It has been a long time.<<

The notes that the two angels were sharing would have been rather mystifying were any native humpback whales to have overheard it.

Rhoneniel said, >>How may I serve you, my Lord?<<

It is not obvious to air-breathers exactly what the sign of a whale might sound like, but that is the noise that Jordi made. The two whales glided together, travelling through the water, saying nothing. For two such ancient creatures, the younger of which counts his age in many millenia, it is possible to remain patient in a conversation for extended periods of time without discomfort.

>>It is Eli,<< the Archangel of Animals finally said. >>We are worried about him, as is everybody. I am afraid that Heavenly politics may tear him apart, make whatever it is that is currently beseiging him get even worse.<<

Rhoneniel unwittingly remembered the Fall, the pain that it brought him, and the aftermath.

>>I have no patience for Heavenly politics,<< Jordi continued. >>The Host in its unhealthy obsession with humans seems to have increasingly adopted a human model for resolving disputes. You, however, despite not even being a Mercurian, have managed to appreciate the potential of human society in a way that I believe I may never be able to do myself.<<

Startled by the statement, not sure if it was a compliment or a censure, Rhoneniel remained silent.

>>Novalis and I are going to send some of our trusted servitors to try to track down what Eli is doing. Creation is an important force in the Symphony. With the actions of the Fallen, we do not need our own actions rupturing Creation further. Find him, find out what he's doing, and share it with me, so that those of us sympathetic to Eli might help him before he is torn apart by the overly human-focused Archangels.<<

>>Yes, my Lord,<< Rhoneniel responded. >>How and where may I meet this task force?<<

>>In two days, at Golden Gate Park. Go in your human vessel. I will be there,<< Jordi responded.

The Archangel of Animals swam off, leaving Heb Rhoneniel to his meditations... meditations now far more confused than the Zen-like state he had achieved before the meeting.
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Default Rhoda


It was a couple of hours past midnight. The Ofanite was moving through a walkway in Golden Gate Park, picking up trash that had been discarded by passing humans during the day. As always, she was rather amazed by how much of a mess people could make just by passing by.

Hearing a noise behind her, she turned, seeing a middle-aged man in a tie-dyed shirt, cutoff jeans shorts, birkenstocks, and a greying mass of curly hair. "Hello, Hallaren," she said, greeting the Seneschal of the Tether.

Smiling, Hallaren said, "Hello Rhoda. I always love to watch you work. If only more of Heaven recognized how important many of the little things are...."

He trailed off, musing. Rhoda merely shrugged.

"I suppose that's kind of ironic, given when I sought you out."

"Oh?" Rhoda asked.

"Novalis wants you to join a group of angels she wants to send to look into something big. She didn't tell me exactly what it is, and she says that it's going to require some circumspection. They're going to be meeting tomorrow, here, in the tether."

"OK," Rhoda asked, no hesitation in agreeing to word that comes directly from her Archangel.

Smiling, Hallaren said, "It may take you away from the tether, perhaps for some time. We'll miss having you around here if that is the case, but I certainly hope that our Mother sends you back here when everything is finished. If nothing else, Thessin might mope about missing the informal bicycle races you two seem to get into!"

Rhoda chuckled.

"Well, I'll leave you to your task. Peace, Rhoda."

"Peace, Hallaren."
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Default Jedidah-Bezek


Date: 2009-06-02 13:47:36 UTC
From: Orc <>
To: Baz <>
Subject: assignment


There's something I need you to look into. This may end up taking some time, but it could potentially be very important. Unfortunately, it's also probably going to be rather politically delicate.

The issue is Eli. Everybody up in Heaven has been getting increasingly tense over the last several decades about what Eli is up to. Well, the Archangel of Flowers and some others are going to be putting together a task force to look into this. As you know, the Boss has worked closely with Eli in the past, and still considers him an important asset. And, of course, we should be very interested in the status of Creation ourselves, given how much human creativity has gone into networking in the last century or two! But, you also know the Boss' views on Novalis, so he's not going to be getting involved in this. You're going to want to keep this quiet. I don't know what they're doing, but it's a delicate political situation anyway, and it may be something that could cause more strife among the various factions in Heaven.

Help them out, try to figure out what the big Creation guy is up to, and keep in touch.

They'll be meeting in two days in your neck of the woods, over at Golden Gate Park.

Keep the faith,

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Default Re: Somasti

Somasti (Soma) looked upon the sight with awe and wistfulness. Then she turned and made her way out of the jungle. It took her a while to figure out where to get a plane ticket. Luckily she always kept some cash on hand just for these unexpected occasions. She bought a ticket to the first flight she was able to find to San Francisco. She didn't really care about how many stops it had. By sun up the next day, she was on her way to San Francisco and to whatever adventure awaited her.
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Rocket Man
Petitioner: Word of IN Filk
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Default Re: [IC] In Nomine -- The Redemption of Eli

Eli! Rhoda thought as she moved through the stillness of Golden Gate Park, her beloved bike never far from her. Her wanderings seemed impulsive, almost random. Only a trained observer -- or another Wheel -- could have realized the truth, that she was cleaning the section of the park as efficiently as an entire maintenance crew and with far less wasted motion.

In her private moments, "Rudy" almost thought she could understand the Archangel of Creation. To just move through the Symphony and with it, letting the notes wash over you, was a very Ofanite thing indeed. But every Ofanite was going somewhere, even if it was only to find a place to begin the next mad dash. If Eli had a destination, he hadn't bothered sharing it with anybody. I wonder if ol' gear-head knows? she thought irreverently, her mind flicking to the memory of a good friend before returning to the task at hand.

She smiled at a few stray blooms in the moonlight, bagged up the discarded cigarette nearby. Some flowers seemed to need all the help a loving hand could give them, while others flourished with barely a thought. But even the most independent bud could need watching, if only to make sure a well-meaning soul didn't pull it up as a weed. Perhaps it was indeed time for someone to tend to Eli -- if only to make sure a Triad didn't get there first with a hoe.

Perhaps? she teased herself silently with an inward chuckle. Make that definitely. If Lady Novalis sees the need, how can I not run along the course she's set?

Rudy looped the trash bag onto her bike, studied the vehicle a moment. Three full bags hung from each handlebar. A good bit of work. Time to hit the junkyards and the recycling centers. And maybe that grocery store could use a little bit of help getting the carts corralled and the last few boxes unloaded.

She was looking forward to the meeting. But she had no intention of standing still until then.
“It's not railroading if you offer the PCs tickets and they stampede to the box office, waving their money. Metaphorically speaking”
--Elizabeth McCoy, In Nomine Line Editor

Author: "What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger"
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Default Re: [IC] In Nomine -- The Redemption of Eli

Nechama (AKA Naomi) sat thoughtfully in the staff lounge, thinking of the message she'd just been given by her Lady. She, like the Archangel of Creation, was a Mercurian, a Friend of Man, and delighted in those moments where she could surround herself with the wonderful complexity of humans and their relationships, she could certainly understand a desire to wander freely through that web of relationships.

But, she thought he is an Archangel, surely an Archangel must have a deeper reason then that to wander so long without telling the Council what he is doing? He is the most ancient of the Mercurians and one of the most ancient beings in existence, he wouldn't absent himself on a whim. He must have some special mission he wishes to accomplish. I must do as my Lady bids me, and endeavor to find out what that is, and ensure that he is safe from the knee-jerk reactions of Judgement, who would assume guilt without proof

With those thoughts, she finished her coffee and prepared to go home to the apartment near the clinic where she currently resided.

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Default Re: [IC] In Nomine -- The Redemption of Eli

Baz filed the email and tapped a memo into his handheld computer, setting it to alert him in two days time. This is a bit off my usual beat, he mused. I haven't seen Eli since he left, and I didn't any more of him than anyone else before that either. Still and all, I wouldn't be where I am without his Word and and his Servitors, and besides, I've got my orders. This promises to be an interesting interlude, if nothing else.
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eli, in nomine, net play, pbp

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