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Default Mnemosyne: We Also Walk Dogs [PbP]

You probably donít remember the days of Earthís glory the way I do. I grew up during her heyday Ė back when New York and Beijing were still thriving metropolises, when no other worldís planetary network even began to rival the Internet, back before what you call the Onticlysm. Youíre probably wondering how I survived Marsí sneak attack on Earth and the subsequent chaos, arenít you? To tell the truth, I was offworld when it happened. You see, at the time, I was ferrying rich bastards between Earth and Lunar orbit. Iíll never forget the look of the dust clouds rippling with static lightning when I parked in Clarkeís orbit somewhere above what was left of Baltimore. But you didnít come here to listen to me wax poetic about the demise of my homeworld, did you?

Ah, yes, the Ontoclysmóthatís what theyíre calling it these days, arenít they? Iíll let you in on a secret most arenít comfortable sharing. The stars didnít change immediately following Marsí bombardment; it took a couple of weeks. Back in those days, communications between worlds were slow, and Mars had it in mind not to let the other worlds know what they had done until damage control could be properly arranged. They say the first rifts opened on Earth and slowly spread out across the solar system, eventually replacing Venus with Cytherea and changing our stars. Of course this bit is true, but Iíll tell you some strange things happened back on Earth in those days. Iíll never forget when I actually met Captain Malcom Reynoldsónot the actor; the actual Captain of the Serenity. He was stomping about Vancouver City mad as hell that heíd lost his ship in the rift that dropped him in our world. But I digressÖ.

Iím sure youíve learned much about the Ontoclysm and the rifts that opened up throughout Sola in the past 70 years. You can probably tell me more about the Cytherean mages than I can, and God knows you know more about the crazy technology thatís been steadily introduced into our ontological black hole of a solar system. Honestly, Iím not entirely certain why you are here, but I suppose thatís a question for a different branch of philosophy. Ah, yes, your total comes to $235.00, son. Will you want that bagged in paper or plastic?

- Excerpt from A Conversation with a Nonagenarian

This is a Rifts-like game run with the GURPS system. It does not hold true to Rifts canon, but rather is an eclectic mix of random bits of sci-fi, fantasy, and pop culture jammed into a near-future sci-fi setting. It is neither intended to be super serious, nor is it meant to be particularly cheesy. Instead, the goal is over the top, epic action/adventure craziness that can explore multiple genres, depending on the adventure at hand.

PCs will be troubleshooters who work for an interplanetary corporation. Jobs should be handled discretely and may include currier services, smuggling, interrogation, artifact retrieval, research, missing persons location, painting bedrooms, finding trouble and shooting it, or just about anything else someone might higher you to do. While corporate jobs get priority, you are free to moonlight, or may be hired out by the Company for outside work.

PC backgrounds can be anything from ex-marines whose parents were killed by Martian space ninjas to being the snotty spoiled son of an interplanetary film star. Any build is legal (so long as it is not downright silly), and any equipment is available. If you have any concerns, ask me. Starting wealth of $50,000 for LT 10 is standard, as is the typical 20% on equipment rule. The standard tech level of the game is TL 10; expect action (meaning combat), and magic does exist. Standard Gurps magic and magic as powers are the standard, but any system may be available.

Please post your interest in the game along with a character concept (not stats) here. Good roleplaying is what will make or break this game. Iím looking forward to receiving questions, comments, criticisms, and applications here.

More detailed information can be found at the Mnemosyne Wiki.

Again, if this sounds interesting, please visit here and post your intent and concept. I look forward to gaming with all of you.
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