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Default All that glitters is not GURPS

We have several games looking for online players, some of which are GURPS. They are in a forum-based medium quite similar to this very forum.

Day - present day
Place - Boston, Massachusetts
Situation - The world is turned upside down as an unidentified signal is broadcast over the air waves, over cell phones, satellite TVs, CB radios, police scanners... which caused nearly every person that heard it to go homicidal. Brother killing brother, mother killing son, daughter killing dog... it was all out chaos. Yet some people managed to escape relatively unharmed clinging on to whatever belongings they can carry, and whatever sanity remains intact.Now, the day after the event, most of the insane have fled the city like flocks, seeming to put their differences aside and heading for safer lands. What is behind the signal that managed to reboot humanity to its most primal core? What drives the afflicted like bees from a hive? Only a handful of survivors are brave enough to find out.
Game System: Call of Cthulhu, 5th ed.
This game is loosely based on the Stephen King book, "Cell".
Seeking replacement players for:
Desmond Coraloni - a 'retired' mafia messenger/deliveryman. Tall, strong, and level-headed.Philip Davis Mathews - a college professor with degrees in history and languages. Smart, educated, and willful.Cathy Williams - telecommunications specialist with connections in the government - if the government even still exists.
Game Link:
Reboot is a modern horror role-playing game using Call of Cthulhu Chaosium 5th edition rules and running on the Dark and Moody Forums ( - free to join and play. Knowledge of the game system is not necessary to participate.

Age of Mortals
Age - Fantasy
Campaign - Dragonlance
Need a replacement player for a kagonesti (wildelf) 4th level fighter, Dragonlance 3.5e Age of Mortals game. Familiarity with the Dragonlance setting is not necessary.
Plot summary: What begins as a common mercenary job, the deliverance of common goods is soon twisted into something much, much more significant. Will the chosen champions succeed in whatever twisted task the gods have once more set their mortal pawns upon? Or will the unsung champions tire of the gods puppeteering and finally cut their strings, forcing the ever battling gods of light and dark to fight their own battles for a change? .......... and so it began: Nine are handpicked presumably by the famous Palin Majere, son of Tika and Caramon Majere, heroes of the War of the Lance, and nephew to the infamous mage, Raistlin Majere. They are chosen by the retired mage, who now acts as mayor of Solace, Palin, to complete what appears to be a simple delivery mission. They are hired to escort two wagons across the continents to Pashin. The purpose and content of the wagons were not revealed the party for safety issues, as protocol demands such measures be taken. Out of respect the 9 do not argue the issue. They are all honored to take on any mission the legend requests of them. However, not long into the journey the true nature of their cargo is unveiled.....babies? Two babies? Cared for by three elven women?.......well two elven women and a lightning draconian!
If you think you would be interested in taking over this character's role or would like more information PM me Zamara, at the forum, and/or check out the game at Dark and Moody under Age of Mortals thread here
Age of Mortals is a fantasy role-playing game using D&D 3.5 edition rules and running on the Dark and Moody Forums ( - free to join and play.

Lands of Mystery
Age - Fantasy
Campaign - Kingdoms of Kalamar
Situation - A group of heroes wander into dark territory to find the bowels of hell have opened up and spilled their contents upon the Tellene. They seek to find the one responsible, rid him of the ability to continue, and restore light and happier times to the land.
Game System: GURPS 4th Edition
This game started out as D&D 3rd edition, but has had several modifications along the way. The latest switched all of the characters into GURPS near-equivalents.
Looking to find replacement players for:
Rigo - halfling rogue... sarcastic, friendly, self-assured, with a tiny bit of a kleptomania problem.Jacob - Human priest... duty-bound, faithful, judgmental, and in touch with his god.
Game Link:
Lands of Mystery is a fantasy role-playing game using GURPS 4th edition rules and running on the Dark and Moody Forums ( - free to join and play. Knowledge of the game system is not necessary to participate.
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