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Default Re: Magic - could you buff an enemy wizard with a non-resistable spell to track them?

Originally Posted by lvalero View Post
It is probably not RAW but in my campaings any spell/power that is benefical and it is not resisted (or at least the rules don't show if it resisted or not) the target can choose to reject the spell/power. In that case she gains automatically the resistance roll and the spell/power has no effect.

Let's suppose you are going to be healed (as in "Healing" advantage) BUT you really hate the cleric or god that is going to heal you. Or you really really want to die. Then, if the healing power don't have a resistance roll, you automatically resist and the power fails.
I'm pretty sure you can't resist the healing advantage unless you take the -10% limitation where targets can oppose your IQ roll via a Quick Contest.

Though I don't really know if that's legal since that's meant for "Requires IQ Roll" limitations which isn't exactly what the baseline IQ activation for Healing is.

But if you had some other kind of 'requires (attribute) roll' on your Healing activaiton you should be able to make that limitations' activation resistible.

Originally Posted by Lovewyrm View Post
The more common such plants are, the less suspicious they are.
but again, a wizard could probably sense the magic anyway.
Mages can only sense permanent magic objects and when they step into a different mana zone, they need spells to detect other stuff.
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