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Default Stgw 57 (SIG 510 - 1)

Hi guys

I think I'll be revisiting a post apoc scenario taking place in Switzerland. I've already asked about the Stgw 90 (SIG 550), but now I'd like to know about the Stgw 57 (SIG 510) as they are also in heavy circulation and are likely to end up being used in the scenario I envision.

As has been pointed out before, GP11 and GP90 could/should count as match-loaded ammunition and are, due to being used by all sports-shooting here in Switzerland, the standard load in my game, I didn't add the +1 Bonus to Acc in the stats below.

For the 510-1 I just copied the stats from the FN FAL and the rest from the manual:

TL: 7
Weapon: SIG 510-1 (Stgw 57, the model adopted by the swiss armed forces)
Damage: 7d
Acc: 5
Range: 1000/4200
Weight: 14.5/2 (6.6/0,9 kg)
RoF: 9 (FAL has more, the 510 is slow firing in full auto, manual says 450-600 rounds per minute)
Shots: 24+1(3)
ST: 10B†
Bulk: -6
Rcl: 3
Cost: Unable to figure out initial cost in 1957. Now, a well looked after, second hand model costs about $450. There are no "new" rifles, they are not produced anymore.
LC: 2
Notes: Has sling swivel and a Rifle Sling (HT154), Bipod (HT160), Improved-Visibility Sights (HT156), "Winter-Trigger" - a fold down, elongated trigger so the gun can be fired wearing mittens.

There are "match" versions out there, which would have Acc 6

Or you can get one with Accessory Rails

You can also get a short barrel version

Also note that most versions of the SIG 510-1 will no be converted to RoF 3 for civilian sports usage. I do not know how difficult it would be to convert one back to RoF 8 as to a bonus/malus to Armoury.

So, what do you think? Should the gun have different damage? Or Range? RoF? Thanks for you input.

Merry Christmas.


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Default Re: Stgw 57 (SIG 510 - 1)

Acc, Dmg and Range are fine. Unless a weapon is damaged, flawed or specially designed for increased Acc, all rifles with similar barrellengths firing the same ammo will have the same stats here.

RoF, 450-600 rpm translates into RoF 8 to 10. If it were me, I'd take the average, i.e. RoF 9.
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Default Re: Stgw 57 (SIG 510 - 1)

Originally Posted by Onkl View Post
Also note that most versions of the SIG 510-1 will no be converted to RoF 3 for civilian sports usage. I do not know how difficult it would be to convert one back to RoF 8 as to a bonus/penalty to Armoury.
Videos on the built-for-civilian-use version and a converted military gun. Tactical Shooting p. 69 has the rules on conversion, and this is probably no worse than an Average task in that system, easier if you have the proper parts.
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