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Mark Skarr
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Default Re: Ramming Speed vs Throwing Speed with a side order of Log ST

I can agree with that as a general idea. Throwing should not always be superior. It should be different.

While it wouldn't be "difficult" to give Pink Light a 28d punch, it would require 50 levels of Striking LogST (which, isn't that expensive). Otherwise, it would require a major re-write of the LogST rules, which I don't think we're up for. Or is really needed.

Looking at it "normally," most people will never see these results. Really a sword that does sw+2 isn't that far off from what the average Fantasy character is going to see for damage. We're in the Supers zone, so, what we think might not fit effectively.

Using a weapon drastically increases the amount of damage that can be done. (The 27d cut throwing axe comes to mind.) If she did 28d in a punch, how much would that bonus have been? Was it +10/die (based off of what I saw, that's what it looked like), so it would be 28d+280 (or 108d cut)?! That's above and beyond (and awesome!).

I think, for LogST, we need to see fewer "huge" bonuses (like sw+17) and see more like sw+2/die. That would scale better with LogST.
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