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Default Various questions from our previous games


From our previous few games of Munchkin we've encountered these following questions. Feel free to reply even if you can't answer all of them for sure.
  1. Psycho Squirrel: For some cards it is stated that the monster will not pursue the Munchkin. In these cases you are allowed to attack that monster if you want to. What about the Psycho Squirrel? Can a female Munchkin choose to attack the Psychon Squirrel if she wants to?
  2. Fenris: Do you get your back if you die after loosing it to the Fenris?
  3. Insurance Salesman: If you are hit by his bad stuff and you can make 1,000 guld it says you loose all of have? Does that only include items of value (or no value) or also other treasure cards? What about your door cards?
  4. Tongue Demon: Is it only the cleric that must discard one item before combat or does that go for all Munchkins?
  5. Wand of Dowsing: Can this be used on both discard piles or just the item pile?
  6. Monster Pill (Munchkin Quest): Which monsters can you choose from? Discards / faced down cards / monster already on the map? How does Monster Pill differ from a Wandering Monster?

Thank a lot in advance!
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Default Re: Various questions from our previous games

Since none of these questions are related, I'm going to close this thread and split it up. This will take time.

I will also move the Munchkin Quest question to the correct forum.

We prefer one question per thread (or a few related ones) with a descriptive title. This aids people searching for answers, as well as us moderators with searching for our previous responses.
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