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Default Doctor Who in the 3I!

How would you blend the The Doctor into a Traveller game? You don't have to blend in the whole Doctor Who Mythos (although Daleks and Cybermen make nasty threats and the Silence are a truely great, if tricky to roleplay, monster), just the Time traveller and choosen tropes from his mythos.

Given Phil Masters statement that the Doctor must be seen as Nylarthotep by the Daleks, you don't have to have the Doctor show-up as a friend. Even if you have a totally good/virtuous Doctor and Companions set, they may have goals your characters would hate/loathe. Example: what if the Doctor sees the drestruction of the Imperium and it's replacement with a democratic federation as vital to the survival of sophant life in the Milky Way Galaxy? From a conventional 21st century point of view, that looks virtueous and all to the good. However many subjects of the 3I would rather die than see the Imperium fade away and die.

The Doctor is unfailingly insightful and on the right-side, once he understands events, in the TV show. But why should he always see history correctly? Certainly many people living on worlds whose history his actions might transform might object violently to the Doctor's actions.

But then the immortal shape-changing Doctor, always accompanied by long dead girls, is more than slightly sinister.

On the other hand, the Doctor is a great excuse for a silly adventure and a quick trip to a different time period for the PCs. This would allow one campaign to use any of the settings for Traveller.

Well, how would you use the Doctor?
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