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Default Re: Force field questions

Originally Posted by Mgellis View Post
Thanks for posting this. I think it answers the question.
You're quite welcome. Btw, I found it by entering 'kromm "switchable'' into Google, a trick someone else reminded me of on these very forums; if you're not using Google for your GURPS searches, consider adding it to your arsenal.

I think this should be added to the FAQ, since the question keeps coming up every once in a while.
A fine point. Send a note to Molokh.
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Default Re: Force field questions

Originally Posted by vitruvian
Well, really, I'd argue that just means that Switchable by itself for certain traits, such as DR perhaps, should be +/-0% in the first place.
We already have variant values for Swtchable established, so that's a step. Despite the older post that Erik linked to, ISTR that Kromm once mentioned the possibility of Switchable for some traits being a +0% enhancement... I'll dig around through the archives later.
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passive abilities, transient abilities

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