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Default GURPS Powers: Enhanced Senses

I can see the sounds
Hear all the sights and flavors
With my shining skin
— A sitar-toting superhero
It has been a while since we've seen a GURPS Powers supplement, hasn't it? Well, you'll be happy to hear the wait is over. This week's release is GURPS Powers: Enhanced Senses.

Enhanced Senses is your one-stop shop for superhuman sensory gifts, whether you're a cyborg, a master of the mental arts, or a garden-variety mutant. It offers dozens of prebuilt, playtested abilities you can use "as is," as part of the included power frameworks, or (with minor modification) with your power source of choice. This isn't just a big, boring list, though. Each ability comes with an explanation of how the constituent advantages and modifiers work together in play – and if the capability exists in real life (the animal kingdom is truly amazing!), an effort was made to ensure verisimilitude.

There's more here than a pile of worked examples, too. Notes on sensory feats – from enhancing skills to power stunts – offer practical uses for these and other gifts. New perks and modifiers, and variant advantages and disadvantages, let you customize your character further and invent abilities of your own. And even a campaign with entirely mundane characters will benefit from the clear categorization of senses in game terms, as well as the expanded and optional rules for arc of vision, hearing in tunnels, illumination and loudness levels, reading speed, seeing things "in plain sight," and more.

Whether you're looking for comic-book telescopic and X-ray vision, weirdness like typing blood by tasting it and synthesizing all your sensory input into a unified impression, or just a clearer picture of how ordinary human perceptions work, you'll find what you seek in Enhanced Senses!

Store Link:
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