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Default Ultrahex map discussion thread

Now that many of us are getting the UH map, I thought it could be fun to discuss how people are using it.

Three things that immediately came to my mind:

1) the color scheme, in addition to its aesthetic side, breaks up the play space into six wedge shaped domains plus the center MH. As far as I can tell, there is nothing in the tables or Hexagram write up that suggests specific ideas as to how you might use that 6-fold division of the space. Thoughts?

2) the UH map and infinite arena deck seem like things that obviously should be linked together to create complex random one-off scenarios (I actually like this idea more than using the UH map to depict mapped spaces from prepared adventures). Thoughts about how this might work, more specifically?

3) If you've been keeping up with all the cards, counters and tiles, you have a huge amount of material that seems ready made to interact directly with the UH map. But there isn't really anything out there yet to organize that thought, beyond the terrain and combatant placement rules. Maybe we need some randomized tables or cards that let you define which MH tile terrain features are showing up for the party? I suspect most of us keep our tiles in semi-random heaps, so something like this might require a bit of thought re. tile organization.
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Default Re: Ultrahex map discussion thread

The coloring was done to make the rolls easier to place. If you notice, each wedge is colored corresponding to the first die-roll of the pair. Originally I had the map laid out on a "grain", with numbering starting at the top hex and then proceeding down and left in rows, wrapping around after each end. Only as the map neared production did I realise that grouping them into wedges might make the map easier to use. It also has the added effect that the second die-roll determines how far the random megahex is from the center.

I definitely think you can use this with any kind of random encounter cards. You could even constrain the placement - for close encounters only using the megahexes ending in 6 and therefore just rolling the first number, for example.
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